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  1. I was going to upload this post the day I left the game, in fact there are many things to literally hate about the game, so this post is a part of them. FAULTS OF THE SELECTION SYSTEM The imbalance of armor, I see it as unfair to see people fighting who need arena points to get their PvP armor, including Greatness, but it is ABSURDLY DIFFICULT, they have to spend more than normal while Greatness players play comfortably showing off their power over the that they don't have it. The players of the opposite faction, it is the greatest impotence that one can feel, players of the opposite side who use a separate account to spam the arena and leave the character still to do nothing, with the bad intention of making the team lose On the contrary, this is a point that makes the 5x5, Crucible and Seals arenas among the most inefficient in competitions. FAULTS FROM PLAYERS AoE Stuns Skills, frankly they serve to win turning the GvGs more fun to play, but in the arenas it is a total annoyance if a skill of these to the maximum can grab all the players then they do not generate survival responses from the opposing team. Castle consumables, especially teleportation pots and detection pots, players who never accept a fair loss and use a castle pot to teleport to another ramdom site wasting reaction time from the enemy team, and detection pots that don't let play to the Rogues and Seekers. The people who forbid the new players PvE to demand arena, this type of people is not to blame, they act like this because of their stress and fatigue, until they reach a toxic point of gameplay, but they really stop turning the game into something boring that it is not worth trying, in the end we will all leave the game and other new players will come, besides you did not start being PvE too? Characters with Heavy Mermen armor, it gives them a lot of advantage in response against control skills, they always end up saving themselves by having the armor activity skill when they reach a critical point, and more than anything it is reflected in the Wardens/Blade Dancers/Charmers/Barbarians. I think it's an insult to spend energy and the CD of a control skill to perform something that will be constantly removed. Also, they are a BIG problem for individual fights. If they ask about the Death Knights, well, in reality, it is a very necessary skill for them, just as it doesn't matter if everyone focuses on it, it dies quickly because it depends on vampirism and not on tanking. THE ELVES The stuns that are not removed, most of the stuns of the elves can not be blocked or parried, only resisted. The instant heal, I don't know if you have noticed but, there are already many supports such as Paladin/Priest/Templar and Druid with their Patronage, they make the effort to fight very useless, whenever you are trying to kill a player they receive an instant heal that makes efforts in vain. In addition to being support, instead Barbarians/Rogues/Chieftains cannot heal allies. The shields are a nightmare, like the instant heal, really the Sentinels are loaded with pure shield that save them from mortal blows, giving them the opportunity to heal or to continue in the game when they should already be out of combat. AoE Stuns Skills, once again and they are reflected a lot in this faction, I mean I don't understand why give so much to a spoiled baby. Paladins with ropes that silence an entire group, Blade dancers that run and stun an entire group, Templars that knock an entire group out of combat, Mages that stun and do mortal damage to an entire group. Why so much area stun if the Legion only has characters left that nobody wants to use because they don't withstand excessive damage well in combat. Mostly they win, many times if they have to fight against elves, they end up winning for many reasons, even absurd ones (like PvE people being carried by 1 Greatness player) that take away the desire to try. THE LEGION The apathy of the people on the side of the Legion, because they are tired, of always seeing the same thing, losing unfairly due to failures of the developers to excessively pamper the Sentinels. So it generates little command of the arenas and reduced hours of spam. Many players with exploited characters that do not provide support to the group and many characters that do not help due to bad reputation. ... Many don't like to be a warlock for survivability and defensive reasons. ... Nobody likes to be a Necromancer because of their bad reputation. ... Hunters who don't have the Fear skill developed and it is also taken away as the Necromancer's panic. And since the Hunter is a hard class to build on the server it's not very good for pvp. Characters that nobody uses due to a bad reputation for endurance, instead the elves comfortably apply Shields, defensive parameters (Block Parry) and control stuns.
  2. Kyrai

    I back to play

    looks like something else meh style It's fine, but... seeing how the game is going doesn't give me much joy
  3. Ok... after so many problems in my life I decided to come back to this game, still having the same problems... I see many negative things and little work for the Legion once again... the truth... and well, testing a little · The classes are just as worse, I would like to know what the developers are consuming. To literally see if it helps me to ignore the obvious stuff. as problems maybe? xd. · The castle dg is great, yea... only possitive thing what I seen. · The new talents... They really spoiled my Rogue, it doesn't cause me to use it like before, so I'm going to Charmer... there are also talents that I don't see much inspiration like Otherworldly Fire+
  4. I think Is not necessary know it, if we are still going get drop common resources In others games they don't show parameters but the chance drop is higher could be nice if developers update the old drop system to stop this dilemma
  5. Druid isn't good healer, shaman (1 Heal+AoE heal), charmer (1 Heal + 2 summon heal), necro (2 decent healing skills) and are more better in heal than druids. Druid is better support cause never die for spam stuns and patronage They still can with good equipment like CD bonuses , why x2 pene staff without CD, if already haves penetration skill bonus...
  6. Yes, it may be more interesting, but it's not like they're thinking about creating more activity to get the equipment. it will remain the same method more opaque easily if they have the 200k and implement this temporarily they continue to be saved until they make it available in the store ( - activity) and it will be a problem for those new arena players who are getting greatness points to get the level 30, because +10 Greatness are going block arena in all modes, so is a barrier for those pve people. ( - participation) Many people who will give up, because that causes competitions, and only one group will sue, depending on the type of server, an easy example you saw with the spring bosses, which was a total fail with the charmers. The idea is that there is availability for everyone because that causes people to keep playing the game. It's okay to create competition but it's better when many get involved and not just a few, that makes it boring, and that's why we're like this today. So if the competition system has not been functional and fruitful for trying to keep people active, then why keep increasing it? That's why I think they should create more methods that are available to everyone to create more activity if that's what they actually want. Because really I have a lot of criticism regarding the game, and I have seen some very good post of suggestions that have ignored them, and they are posts that could create the most active game regarding playing for fun and not for obligation. Those of us who play warspear always have that we like the game, but there is also the problem that there are still systems and mechanics that prevent us from playing it to its fullest. I mean progress normally like in other games that are also p2w Thank you but... Im a kitty =TωT)'=
  7. Total disagreement is to finish the pvp mode, it's too many competition people, and I say this for 3 main reasons. 1) The imbalance, it is my first point, not all classes are balanced for PvP combat, there are always some that predominate over others and those players who use weak classes will find it difficult to enter those ranks. 2) The time invested, many already knew that new arena equipment was coming since the first items came out in horror 2021, so many people already have their pockets full to buy the new arena items. 3) A hierarchy system, because there are people more powerful than the others, the suggestion forces those who cannot enter the first 3 ranks to obtain the new items, when it is assumed that those who have been saving should progress to be able to be up to those who are already greatness. In addition, those who are already greatness may also not be able to obtain the items due to the high competition. 4) most important, I want my charmer greatness :'3 for kill wardens like @El Pengu Yes is a valid reason but this suggest system is worst, forces many to stop arena, nobody wants demand and lose $$$ for lose tickets and no get oportunity to get new equipments so the suggestion doesn't upgrade the activity of pvp mode
  8. Guys I think I have a virus.. Ok virus gone Download now Cheshire Cat Antivirus v1.9.9
  9. The lost brother of cheshire cat welcome back to the Warspear family Hmm... Ok... I think you need take a shower first uwu
  10. In my server EU people builds charmers dmg because for support isnt good, nerfed stuns, and buffs so they prefer spam dogs and select enemy for AoE and clean others
  11. wait wait wait... entire pt? they can vs 2 or 3 but not entire pt xD charmer need more supporting developers are converting the class into dmg
  12. this is a topic based in screenshots, gifs or videos, that serve as proof that the elves are absurdly benefited, in pvps Anyway I'm really tired of the same situation so I'll leave the game, due to unfair gameplay reasons. but I will continue to be active in the forum, because I like it Name Screenshot: Lvl 28: 1 Paladin + 2 Templars and lvl 32 Paladin in Crucible Mode Strategy used: High CD for Shields, Fetters, Vortex, Healings, Mantras always the same to be untouchables. it's really annoying
  13. I didn't understand anything, it sounds good, but if you explain it better, the seekers already have a passive, and what would be the benefit? I hope it's not like the wizard's shield.
  14. A lot of elf characters have full area stun they just win from that, a lot of elf characters have shields so why does paladin or priest need support with it? it is unnecessary Our Unique stun aoe is Warlock, and he needs support all, but nobody wants to be a warlock because it is paper, and they ended up giving them a templar, because the developers think elves are weak in area stun, Paladin Mage Bd skills are useless? Our unique shield character is Necromancer, and you don't see many
  15. I love your art and scenarios
  16. agree, rogues and seekers always get permastun, the worst of all how make dmg on them if our stuns are not 100% chance? and ugly summon water is annoying
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