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[2015.06.22] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter I

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Warspear players!

Warspear Online is seven years old! 7 YEARS!!! We are of course celebrating this with another little surprise for you. You can see the most important moments from our game's progress in this beautiful graphic. Our writers have also put together a vast chronicle that recounts key moments in Arinar’s history.
Take a look, it is very interesting!

Warspear Online chronicles

The first entry in the Warspear Online history books starts seven years ago, on Melvendil and Godgorrat. They are the native islands of the Firstborn and Mountain Clans. Not much is known about the first two years of war – people say that Arinar was different back then (0.1.0 [beta] - 0.4.4). Then the world changed and it was a time for the new dawn of heroes. Young warriors made their first steps on the path to glory and it was the beginning of the War for the Spear. Helping their people in hard battles with the enemies, young heroes were gathering experience. When the best of them gathered under the banners of their leaders, they started a new journey. (0.5.0 [beta])

Fleets from both sides of the conflict landed on Irselnort – a vast island between Melvendil and Godgorrat. Elves and Mountaneers built well protected harbours and started exploring the new land. Sentinels found the allies there – brave warriors of Dinalt's Order and Mountain Clans made a union with warriors of the Puma Clan. Slowly moving deep into the island, they met ogres, centaurs and many other tribes. It all looked like a vast wasteland, but historians knew that Irselnort was once a prosperous place. Berengar, the greatest wizard of past times had ruled these lands from his tower built in the Grey Mountains. It dominated the whole island but when he disappeared, his tower fell into ruin. (0.6.0 Berengar's Legacy).  

Alliance scouts encountered Chainless League merchants. The merchants had founded a rich and well populated city called Nadir-sard, in the northern part of Irselnort. The Scouts realised that the League merchants weren’t directly involved in the fighting but were profiting from it. A generous reward was promised! However only to those who could infiltrate Berengar's Tower and retrieve an artefact, manuscript or any other part of Berengar's Legacy (0.7.0).

The Legion and Sentinels rivalry continued with redoubled force. Many new parties started to investigate the underground passages of the forgotten Tower. These passages were populated with monsters and wild Berengar servants. The halls of the Sun and Moon held the key to the Wizard’s disappearance. The stones of Nuadu and Harad would have to be joined as one. They then suddenly heard the voice of Berengar himself and saw his spirit. The Wizard ordered them to pass through the Gates of Shadows, where Six Shadows of Berengar had waited for them. They were the custodians of Berengar's Mirror, an ancient artefact that allowed the viewer to see what cannot be seen. The wisemen from elf and mountain clans gazed through this magic mirror and saw a vision. That the War will finish on Ayvondil, ancient homeland of the firstborn. (0.7.3).

The third year of war was over.

To be continued.

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I heard about Eridon once. All I REALLY know about my start was the Horror Circus of 2012, remember I started like a month before it.

O darn, so I started at the same event like you? (1 month before HC)



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