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[2018.08.30] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter VIII


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The long-expected fresh forces gave ground for a new phase of confrontation between the strongest guilds of the Sentinels and the Legion. At another attempt to reverse the course of the war in Ayvondil, they started to lead a fierce battle for the old fortress near Maliat and Tlasko, which had been abandoned for five centuries (7.1.0 «Guild Castles»).


Most of the autumn passed in battles: the soldiers, having received disturbing news from the Horror Circus, laid aside their weapons reluctantly. Sam Hain and his associates fell into a strange oblivion, but, even worse, Sam's nightmarish dreams acquired flesh and filled the entire Horror Circus. The blame for everything was Boogeyman's spell. Boogeyman is a cowardly and insidious creature, who’s able to command dreams. In his attempts to become the new Prince of the Middle Nights and turn Arinar into a world of living nightmares, he weakened the Veil separating dreams and reality, and only the courage of the heroes who came to the rescue helped Sam prevent a terrible outcome. (7.2.0 «Realm of Nightmares»).


The breath of death was felt there, in the frosty winter air. Without declaring war, the mysterious Frost Paladin brought a huge army of revived dead on the Snow Boundary. The Breath of Frost revived all those who died in the northern lands over the last millennium. It turned out that Mortis was hidden under the mask of Frost Paladin. He was an bastard of the imperial family, who equally hated the Sentinels and the Legion. Having found a fragment of the Spear of War, he acquired an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Only by gathering all the forces the Alliances managed to stop the avalanche of the living dead and defeat the hard-hearted Frost Paladin (7.3.0 «Breath of Frost»).


The long-awaited wedding of the Spring King and Wickedora had to be an excellent occasion to take a breath after the winter battles, but suddenly King of Clubs appeared and messed all the things up. The card monarch set an ultimatum to the Spring King. He demanded to break off the engagement and cancel the wedding, but after receiving a refusal, he moved his regiments to the Emerald Capital. Having released captivated kings of other suits and dispelled the trick magic of King of Clubs, heroes of the Alliance finally managed to expel the card army from Blissful Isle (7.4.0 «Battle of Kings»).


Holidays were over, and the battles on Ayvondil resumed. That time the guilds engaged in an argument about the right to own new castles: Dragon Ness in the Lands of wyrms’ riders and the Sky Sanctuary on the Flying Islands (7.5.0 «Bastions of Ayvondil»).


Every day that goes by, the approach of epochal events was felt much more clearly in the air. This year the White Wanderer didn’t throw White Stones on Arinar, but heroes had to face other trials. The greatest villains and monsters of Arinar returned to the world in all their might, and the mysterious dungeons and catacombs with new spaces unexplored before were opened for adventurers. What do these tests mean? And what have they prepared heroes for? The answers to these questions are still to be found (7.6.0 «10 years of confrontation»).


Thus the tenth year of the war was ended.

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Before you guys ask for them: :love-you-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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Warspear origins' storyline (Classes & Factions) is written in this topic: Tell the Story

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