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New Moderators


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Hey Guys,


I want to say congratulations to all our new forum moderators such in the International community or in the Russian.

You can check them here and in the different forum borads. :)


Good luck!


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Thanks. That Z/Dtempwhatever guy has no chance now ;D


You mean:

Im also a moderator at "EU-Emerald" section.



Why swaaz


Why not. I think he'll do his assigned work fine and not carry out selfishly



I wondering , why not alionornot to be a mod in ss.


Who's he or Do you mean alyanorno ?



Congratulations to all new moderators! It will be an honor for me to moderate these topics.


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Hey Guys,


I want to say congratulations  to all our new forum moderators, all applicants have been applied except some of them, no problem.

Good luck next times!

In the end I want to say congratulations to all new forum moderators, how about to check them  :)



New Moderator - Section


lallouss - Tavern


Jswaaz - Tavern


๓ęçђą ↯ şąเұąŋ - Class Discussion


Skiney - Class Discussion, Questions & Answers & Foro Español


Egoist - EU-Emerald & Guilds


Legionn - General, New Players, Questions & Answers & Türkçe Forum


Ladygi - New Players, Guides & Fórum Português


Dazz - Fórum Português


Good luck for all!


I think the list needs to be updated again  :blush:

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I find it useless to have such topic, other than letting others know who the new mods are, which again makes no difference. My 5 cents though-

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