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[Update Daily] Relic Location?


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Hello Uya,



these locations  1 part of  quest.

Crimson Corondum (c.c), from Gwido in Ghost Village. If i good remember from lv 15.

U get it everyday, and u must find 1 "relic" and bring back to Gwido.    5c.c/day

If u have enough point after u can buy items example in Legion or weapons (Buyer-Up Chainless man).

I hope u understand my eng.  :blush:

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[MC] - Bandit Ridge - Vistain




( @ Ciamiau & Shamerman, I told I would do it, I did, I did great  :tease:  )


Yes, u made it.  :shok:    Grtz  ;) 
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[MC]: Salt Hill - Kald.




no relic today :sorry: :search:


idk, im got 1 today. but if im wrong correct me guys, send me 1 pm bcoz i have now 3 half done relic quest, so im now a bit confused.

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[MC]: Silty Floodplain - Gordir (in cave).





p.s: Correct me if wrong with 1 private msg, i made today with 1 friend char (and he has 4 half done relic quest  *again*)

                                        bcoz im in laby, 3rd-4th, nonstop  ^_^


                                                          Good Luck!

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