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  1. Installed normaly on my nokia n8 but game crashes after i push play and connecting screen apears.
  2. Nice update, can we get a fix for horizontal screen for simbyan please.
  3. Happy anniversary,thx and keep up the good work.
  4. The idea is that u can sell currency between players, u put one guy in shop where players can sell currency like in market for example u put u want to sell 100 mc for 5000 gold, or u sell 5000 gold for 100 mc, or 10 cc for some gold etc...Other thing is auction house, market is all well and good but i think the auction house could be fun, u put an item for auction u place starting bid, and u can choose to put item for 1,3 or 5 days for auction.When u bid for an item the amount u bid is automatically taken form u and if u dont have highest bid at the end your gold is returned via mail system, if u have highets bid seller get his gold via mail and u get item via mail. House can take some % of total sale,and u can use scrolls to lower that %. There is always the problem for snipers on any aution so i have a suggestion whan a time counter gets to 5 min before expiration it sholud just say less than 5 mins.
  5. I agree with most of the suggestions.Crafting can be a good thing in game, on the other it can be the worst thing, we ll see when devs give us more info. I think that new skill/skills is a goood idea as it is, when they introduce more skills u will make your build order as u wish and there will be more diverse chars. Problem is now that u have only 2 good builds with each char(most difference if u want to be pwe/pwp).I would like to see in the future class specialisation where u can choose one ultimate active skill and passive.that only my opinion but all in all good sugestions.
  6. hetz

    Earn MC

    There is no more earn mc button in my miracle shop. Is that permenat or a bug or something?
  7. I had to register on some site for 21 mcoin, I had 5 offers this one was only for free, all others u must pay.
  8. THX aigrind on pc it works fine i earned 21 m coins already:). One question it is bound to device or account?
  9. There is a bug with flashing countdown of buffs.It starts flashing whan u change maps.
  10. After i downloaded 3.5 client from nokia store no lag at all. I think it will be fixed with full update release and all have 3.5 client. With 3.4.4. i laged constantlyad dc every few mins.
  11. I agree tht we need storage in this game,many of u wont support what im goinig to write but ill say it anyway, maybe if u get 5 storage spaces per character, u can buy more in store max 20 slots.For account wide storage i suggest a sharing license which u can buy in store that gives u 1 slot per char to share items,max 5 slots.But in general im with any storage idea 100% .
  12. No one is asking for op jewels,i didnt mean class specified jewls i ment set jelws. Idk like if u collect 2 ring and amulet u get small boost of dodge or pary or attack speed or something(that way its not class orianted). My opinion is that like every game i played u have many set items wich has little difference in stats but it give ppl something to do and to hope(play,hunt) for,here we all have the same items and we all want to get doom items. I would like to see in this game more armour set also in the future, no need for them to be class specified or give as much as doom sets. Some sets should be legendary as doom sets and some should be more common (or rare) with less bonuses or just one bonus when u collect all. Need a little diversety in this game. My point is little more items like that in events. I hope i clerified what i ment with this suggestion.Donts want op just more:)
  13. i know many items missing for classes. I would like to see set for rings and amulets, for example if u get 2 rings and an amulet with same name u get one bonus stat.
  14. I suggest making more set items for rings amulets and capes, or just rings and amulets. And i suggest making decorative skins for headgear (like items u can get on kotarawa)
  15. hetz

    landscape mode

    I get it too only first time i do it on every login plus i still have problem that in landscape mode i dont get full image. please devs fix. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=69818.msg314487#msg314487
  16. I had, have that problem sometimes on my n8, but it goes away after waiting 2-3 minutes.
  17. hunt for key no luck :( ,than elfs came and kill us all better like this mods pls delete post before
  18. hetz

    Quiet mode

    That fixed it. thx for quick reply. :good:
  19. hetz

    Quiet mode

    I got in quiet mode for no reason, pls can someone explain why, and how to get out of it.
  20. New "problem" i get this message but it works like before.
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