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  1. im trying lvl5 bees at the monent can only get it too do 100-130 dmg x 4 depends on moon and enemys resist
  2. ya this topic old we bringing it back to life? ;D
  3. Some Guy Called Slickz Being Very Naughty :facepalm:
  4. Yeah done 8-9 quest now all items ive recieved are not good at all, and seeing other people with lvl18 wep/armor items :facepalm:
  5. Spilz

    advanced skills

    quake does much more, tho my bees is low level and it is DOT, quake dmg is instant
  6. My Bad Not See Reply's Sure Anytime Holy In Caravans ATM SO Let Me Know... :good:
  7. Spilz

    "Warriors of Glory"

    Ya My Bad i Suckd N Pressed Save Likka NooB :facepalm:
  8. Spilz

    "Warriors of Glory"

    Yeah Boi ;D A New Era Has Begun, watch out EU here we come :spiteful: [move]LEADER!!![/move]
  9. Spilz

    "Warriors of Glory"

    #5. Multi-factions Fcuk it kill yourselves every person in the clan has a different view of having multi-factions some wont kill you some will, know who they are and know that when they kill its nothing against you, you just happen to have a red name. #Info For Memebers So you are all clear on my view of this rule which has changed. I wont Kill you on sight only if u atk me first so make ur choice. Just Know I Have The Power To Take Revenge And I Serve It Cold :diablo:
  10. Bg Belt (Level l5) Good For HP and ASTRAL
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