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  1. 1. its not pointless since you can know relics location even before you start login to warspear ;) 2. possibly the answer you get from the one who you asking is coming from this thread :lol:
  2. Hi Spilz! Thanks for ur time posting here :give_rose: Kindly please modify your post like below so its easier to understand: [Faction]: (NPC Location) - (NPC Name). READ ME : Faction : FB (Firstborn) or MC (Mountains Clan)NPC Location : Location of the NPC who know relic NPC Name : Name of NPC who know Relic For Example : [MC]: Nadir-Sard (tavern) - Gamriz.
  3. if i swim in the money, ill build a kingdom & army in nadir shard, my underling will get minimum paid 1000mc/ hours, then later ill bought AIGRIND :spiteful:
  4. This so called "service of public utility" is not actually free, ;D its not easy for these good warspear citizen to keep on posting here everyday without rewards, ;D if you dont believe me then ur welcome to try posting here everyday, ;D So for those who use the info and can give karma, Kindly please be kind enough to your self and to these good warspear citizen, acknowldge their effort by give +1 karma Trust me, spare your 10 seconds to give karma really is good for you, good for people in emerald server, Nothing compare to the reliable info you constantly got here everyday. :good:
  5. Lol, really i was just teasing you back then Kuz :diablo: , but hey! thanks for ur time to post it in green :good: +1
  6. Well, the rumor will still continues because it isn't Green :nea:
  7. Hey Ciamiau & Uxie, its a blessing for Emerald server to have people like you ;D my post is 50 now so ill be gladly give you both my first +1 karma soon
  8. This has been bought up a couple times and there is many player who opposed it, basicly what you suggest implies the game to be made easier to play & BG equip will become more common to have amongst player
  9. I am one of your kind, and you are my kind :pleasantry:
  10. i dont like this facts but ranged class of firstborn have posed a great advantage for their race ;D moreover this historical issue constantly create an whiner within MC once in a while, maybe im one of those MC whiner too, but i know im not alone :dirol: .
  11. This guide stopped at v2.2, this pixelspore guy have long gone ::) so much happened .. this guide now feels kinda outdated
  12. boomboom


    Everyone have rights to report possible multiboxing activity, if you are multiboxing player, just be smart enough not to get caught or provoke any player, especialy a type of player who genuinely played solo and dive deep into his character, they will not agree with the way multiboxer use his multiple account to create advantage over others.
  13. The thread starter someday will understand how things called society works ;) like what sulla's said, welcome to the internet ;D
  14. This Rogue class used to be the most entertaining class to play with, until they debuff the cooldown for stealth, this is my opinion, im not the best rogue around i know ;)
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