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  1. 22/05/14 MC - Hock'ap from Armor Cliff
  2. Forgot the name of the item but it was a dagger from granite...
  3. so... that's why no warspear during search on itunes... can't wait to play again...
  4. :shok: ...... :facepalm: anyway very nice love story... :clapping:
  5. [MC] Fishermen Village - Elder Beyn
  6. [MC]: Silty Floodplain (Cave) - Gordir
  7. beer is on me cheers!!!! :drinks:
  8. i also tried what you did and here is the result: my best armor's defense is 2067 / 24.1% = 55 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp my backup armor defense is 1881 / 22.4 % = 57 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp no armor at all defense is 0 / 0% = 73 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp so in conclusion the armor works well and not decorative, the problem is the % is at minimal that you wouldn't notice the difference, you will just feel the changes when your def reaches at 1k... correct me if im wrong... I hope this helps you... lots of luck...
  9. somewhat agree with you smurf... almost all topic here there is drama... :facepalm: only few topics are informative and helpful...
  10. lol shy just ignore the kid... what a shame... pinoy pa naman... :facepalm:
  11. well i guess that is why elf lab is made for elves and mc lab is made for mcs.... both was made according to each factions skills and abilities.... correct me if im wrong....
  12. sorry for the spam guys, but just want to know if there is a topic in forum about the additional points given by runes and crystals on different levels of armors and weapons?
  13. congrats pre!!! :drinks:
  14. almost all topic here has drama :facepalm: .... from warspear to shopspear and maybe we can add dramaspear ;D .... it's endless....
  15. abat psy andito ka na!!!
  16. mga tol san faction kayo sa update?
  17. those guys are scary.... ;D
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