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  1. Yeah sorry I meant Eu server. Not sure how the other servers played out.
  2. Ah firstborn swarming over MC again, hasnt changed much since I left lol. Back then the elfs were outnumbering but we're overall weaker than MC players. It was easy to siege the first elf town from nadir with 5 MC shamans. Good times
  3. Kurwa was a nickname for my friend. He's also known as kosher. Prob quit doe
  4. I don't know anybody here... Where's sulla? and kurwa? 
  5. Have you ever seen warlocks kite? If yes then you answered your own question.
  6. LOL+LOL 3rd pic is to smother the flames
  7. Im surprised this never happened to me yet considering the amount of cheungs in-game. But yeah good luck, i hope you guys can get your problem solved.
  8. Enlighten me please *_*. Demon souls and Monster hunter are currently the hardest games ive played :P. I died from antelopes.... :facepalm:
  9. I got the idea from this thread http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95837.0 hope im not plagurising, sorry if i am. heres how it works. Every 10 or [insert number here] levels, players will get 1 Elite skill point to distribute to any of their skills, making them considerably more effective. ////Conditions//// -skill must be lvl5 ---------------------- The bonuses that will be given could not only affect the skill but the player too. e.g(Shaman- lvl5 lightning ball + Elite Skill = increased dmg + increased base moon dmg on character ~1-5%) (Shaman- lvl5 Heal + Elite Skill = increased heal + increased max hp for character ~1-5%) etc OR It could only just affect the skill without changing the character. (Druid- lvl5 Root + Elite Skill = increased duration + DoT RooT Bondage)
  10. Anbody tried Demon souls/Dark souls? hardest F**king game EVER
  11. "Oxfordboi" "Spanish" "koszykurwa" - were my mentors, they have my respect. not sure if i forgot any, havent played properly in a year or so... :P
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