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[Update Daily] Relic Location?

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Help me to update the information daily everyone, :friends:


Please tell the npc name, location & for what Faction


Last but not least,


To support this thread to keep on going,


Kindly please reward the user who volunteerly update the relic's info +1 karma (Reason : Relic location)


This should not take much of your time


Thank You.  :)

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Sorry i was on vacation for 2 days  :drinks:


Special thanks to Zetta for constantly helping all MC player thru this thread  :drinks:



Relic today (MC) : Hock'ap, Armor Cliff Tavern


Ur welcome! But i hope this is useful! :)
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Thanks Boomboom, I made this topic sticky as I find it very useful..


Your welcome sir!  :drinks:


Need someone to update the elf relic location! i dnt play elf much!




i was using this guide a few days ago but it turns out each location's different on other servers..



Thats why i made this thread in EU-EMERALD section  :pleasantry:



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Thanks to all who supply me with the information ;)


Rarely that I do not get an answer, then I have to get on a stroll ...


So a big thank you to all MC who helped me. I dare not list names, because I would certainly forget one or the other. Nevertheless, THANK YOU ALL!

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