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  1. 22/05/14 MC - Hock'ap from Armor Cliff
  2. Forgot the name of the item but it was a dagger from granite...
  3. so... that's why no warspear during search on itunes... can't wait to play again...
  4. :shok: ...... :facepalm: anyway very nice love story... :clapping:
  5. [MC] Fishermen Village - Elder Beyn
  6. [MC]: Silty Floodplain (Cave) - Gordir
  7. beer is on me cheers!!!! :drinks:
  8. i also tried what you did and here is the result: my best armor's defense is 2067 / 24.1% = 55 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp my backup armor defense is 1881 / 22.4 % = 57 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp no armor at all defense is 0 / 0% = 73 damage from lvl 18 boarfaced imp so in conclusion the armor works well and not decorative, the problem is the % is at minimal that you wouldn't notice the difference, you will just feel the changes when your def reaches at 1k... correct me if im wrong... I hope this helps you... lots of luck...
  9. somewhat agree with you smurf... almost all topic here there is drama... :facepalm: only few topics are informative and helpful...
  10. lol shy just ignore the kid... what a shame... pinoy pa naman... :facepalm:
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