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  1. I felt Northern weapons will be useful for this update so i bought many
  2. Just weapons this time Great cuz i recently made my gear +10 and i dont want to repeat the process! And happy anniversary Aigrind
  3. And also Arena Supplier on Ayvondil has new weapons on the 21st level – vicious killing items crafted by the finest weapon smiths of Arinar! weapons only ?? what about other equips?
  4. Thanks goodness no more holiday skills :good: and dont do it again :diablo:
  5. How the hell u play on pc?? :shok: i cant update mine from warspear site it gives old version :clapping: anyone can upload it then post a link??
  6. About melee classes.. are they gonna be useful in fighting main boss? :pardon: or it will be like fighting sam hain?
  7. I still need help.. :unknw: is pc update really released?? I deleted all temporary files about warspear in my pc (cache, cookies...) and downloaded it again, but I still get v3.7 what should I do?? :cray:
  8. HelloAnybody can help me with this?When i download pc version from the official site i got v3.7.0..Any suggestions??
  9. I think devs should realy do something about this tournament.. i suggest that winners of this tournament shouldnt allowed to participate in the next tournament, so other guilds will have a chance to compete for 1st three places.. 8)
  10. anyone know where to download 3.8 for pc??plz help!!
  11. im playing ws for 3 years in Eu, Us servers and i've seen and fought almost all shamans!!and i believe that Spanish is best shaman.. i like how he hunt elfs :clapping: :clapping: 2nd is Rizzah or Ryzzah or whatever the name..hehe
  12. Vote for my custome :blush: ;D BUT DONT LAUGH!! :lol: :lol:
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