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  1. Don't be so mean to Jayrox, yes he went way over the limit, but we made. Peace with each other eachother (when everything gotten dedtroyed)before I took a break so I don't see any point in bullying him anymore. However if you ever get bored Jay you always got that f babacool who ruined me on over 6 million. Anyway take care! Howl
  2. Dear Kakaroto Our system is showing that you have not yet confirmed your details. This surprised us because you are selected in the travel competition. Win a trip to 3 of the best destinations in Europe - Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. All you have to do is confirm your entry once for all 3 prizes. Here are some of the people who have also been selected: - Heather Keating - Kakaroto Goku (you have not yet confirmed that you wish to participate) - Kevin Grown - Matthew Pin We ask you to confirm your information as soon as possible, as this could be the last reminder we send you.
  3. He got it back now, but with 14 days block. everyone know Khalils and Khaleds brothers are among the nicest most trusty players on EU Emerald elf side. Like he would want to trade sell or exchange char. Ridiculous block. It should be removed or at least be decreased to 3 days. Now while he got vacation.
  4. Because you wrote beholder to. Can you please correct the stats of the cloak. I been carrying it in my bag for years and it would be fun to use it more often.
  5. Cloak of the conquer was the first lvl 18 item, and was dropped by underground horror..
  6. Hassn don't read forum... Lol don't you know that. I do :P
  7. Congratulations Garoof! From me and all your brothers in Legends! You worked hard and deserved it well! It's an honor to have you by my side in Legends! *Cheers!* (Congratulations to my friend Idassile as well! You made it well done! *Cheers!*)
  8. Lol coming from you makes it irony. Xjaybo I wish you wouldn't leave hou, but if that is what you want I wish you all the best. /your Wolf Bro 4ever Howl!
  9. Thanks for noticing, that was my intention with going here sharing experience and suggestions. Till a little egoist didn't like that I care for all and not just the rich and strongest. Anyway I am not a little Girl so I apologise that I got pissed off and caused an interruption.
  10. Sorry my bad, not that I care what section she works in.
  11. No I ain't Gay. But I got a best friend who works for Google that is. He found out he has HIV 13 days ago. He also a Web designer, Programmer and Game Developer. Shall I call and ask him come and say what he think? But personally, I think you are noob forum moderator. Who call people fagets on work time where you suppose to be a moderator.
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