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  1. They havent even explained well in game that you could lose ur item
  2. Worst update! Old players have nothng to do but to watch noob stupid rich players get stronger.... and then u try to experiment and dump a whole lot of shitload on urself! Iv lost just a lil cape so far.. lost on 2nd amp.. others have surely f****ed themselves up with amplify! I had just 46 mc left and i thot the new runes would be better bt my 262 def was replaced by 209! forget that my weapon isnt even glowing enough that i cn notice! Chop is a waste.... On lvl 3 chop reduced frm 56 to 20 and time half so 40dmg in same time? how is it better! The slime.... We sometimes called that plc a slime cave... I miss it! And the new ape drops capes = bg and stupid confetti! if not v0.7 pls take us bk to v1 !!
  3. U make me laugh! cryer noob kid :lol:
  4. Ur still on 1st island?
  5. druid does not have skills? quit it dude!
  6. Did the devs pm u that mana usage and cooldown has been reduced to half and that dmg nw is 30? They have reducd dmg so obviously they want to make chop weaker.. or why was the change requird? use ur brain..
  7. Rangers pls dnt speak! U got high crit, high dodge, high atk speed, awsm skills... but no brains.. Ss and trap work always... Charge has a chance to stun, 2 block range, low atk speed, low acc... Druids are just brainless healers...
  8. Barbs have extremely low atk speed! With 2h... shield and 1h is almost shit!
  9. Now we have realised that only crying wil bring changes so i will cry all over till barbs get justice!
  10. lol day he finds u cute and sweet! bt ur straight rite?
  11. And has 2 block range and require range and chance of stun and stun is of very low duration... chop was already nt much useful and nw weakened! lets make bd!
  12. Lol the pic only shows that they have killd u :lol:
  13. never pay to get help if u cn get it for free... its simple!
  14. Then probably u dnt have real frnds... For that matter do u have frnds ingame?
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