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  1. mr. Kuzmitch what a good update. Now i know it is hopeless to ask to revamp the amplification process but please, make loot prices high again.. That will balance the game i think. Coz those who cannot get miracle coins can now farm many gold.
  2. they shouldnt put an insurance in the first place if there is no guarantee that the item will not break.. The best solution here is have a safe level of amplification. For example, it is safe to amplify up to +4 a lvl 15 weapon, +5 a lvl 13 weapon and +6 a lvl 9 weapon. If you upgrade further there is a chance to break the item. Every other mmo that i know kinda uses this forge formula so why not use it too? This is proven and it doesnt look like you're stealing players' money. Stop being greedy. And please dont put those amplification items in mshop. Just make it droppable by monsters.
  3. mmmm...this is the worst update ever..my currently lessened playing time will surely be lessened a whole lot more.
  4. nice. Now i will rather fight rogues than rangers hahaha. wtf! 18 dmg for lvlr1 chop and still no amplification stuffs
  5. i have nothing against rogues but i'd rather fight rangers. It is because barbs dont have a counter for stealth. Is it true that when you roar, stealth is broken?
  6. @koskiller but if the opponent do not see you place it, we will still be caught. I know, coz you always trapped me in arena. But im not gonna whine coz i know it's your strategy
  7. @koskiller umm sir..As much as we want, We(MC)couldnt/cannot see your traps.. Promise..
  8. actually destroyed items really makes sense but if they are gonna make it like this they should have many items to destroy meaning increasing the drop rate so there are many supplies of items to "break"
  9. yes kos.. the item will vanish, just like in other mmos(ex. ragnarok) where if you fail your forging process, the item will vanish into thin air.. even higher level/rare equips are no exception...
  10. if loot prices still the same imma :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: real hard
  11. robz


    AFAIK only one rune can be enchanted on an armor.. i dunno what happens when you try to enchant an already enchanted armor because i'm afraid to waste runes and crystal... so what are you saying is did you enchant an already enchanted armor and the effects of the previous enchantment are replaced with the new one?
  12. robz


    you see, i'm a person who likes swords thats why i still chose AS than Arena Axe.. my problem is its appearance. swords should look cool but AS looks PLAIN and BORING unlike other arena weapons.. could you please change its appearance? switch appearance with tested estoc or just change the blades color... Im serious.. it looks PLAAAAAINNNNN!!!! the guardings and the commander looks more cooler than me.. hahaha!
  13. with this event happening nobody can say "the reason why you successfully invaded our town coz the strong ones arent online" argument..
  14. i suggest that there should be a fixed time for this quest like for example: 7:00pm in forum time and ends in 9:00pm.. inside this time.. the only savepoint working is in dinalt city and puma city.. and only those who sign up for the quest can get the reward cc bonus... i mean only one faction can get the reward cc.. and make it like destroy the totem in the middle.. make the hp of the totem very high... and the team who can destroy the other teams totem wins..
  15. I can comment can i? 1. I agree to this. but i think one on one is unfair because of counter classes and can only be useful if you like to duel someone who is the same class as yours.. 2.ahh.. pets, i wonder why everybody requests this feature. as i have said to others who requests this, this will make the file size of the game much larger which defeats the purpose that this game is a "mobile" game. but if they can make this without having the size of the game suffer, i can agree to this 3. i agree... shouting in trade chat selling/buying something is a pain... 4. the part in capture the flag where stealth use is limited.. this isn't necessary. why? because you could just place a lot of traps near the flag then voila.. gangbang on the rogue.. i'm just assuming this capture the flag mode is just limited to mc vs fb and not mc vs mc or fb vs fb. 5. as long as the devs can do this then by all means.. i agree! 6. i agree with this hands down. 7. disagree totally: this isnt necessary.. the game system is what sets it apart from other mmos and making it like this ruins the uniqueness. running also isnt necessary.. then again, its just me. 8. no number 8... 9. no need.. arena points/gold/mcoins/cc is sufficient enough. no need for another currency 10. im assuming this are items which have time limit on when you can own it.. i hate features like this even in other online games. a player should own the item once he or she purchases it.. but as long the items isnt better than bg and cc items then maybe its ok.. 11. agree.. makes our lives easier 12. no need.. you could just ask permission thru chat on what other players are wearing.. most of the guys i ask usually shows it to me.. i hope you wont misunderstood me as a troll.. i'm just commenting hahaha. god bless!
  16. does the crashing when using pots affect other potions besides pumpkins? if so this issue should be fixed before adding new costumes next update
  17. what i do is: 1. Get the laughing pumpkin quest 2. Go to the map where old arrvok is located and gather pumpkins. 3. While waiting for pumpkins to respawn, farm green lvled snakes and ogres while getting their drops that sold for 5g and 8g 4. After collecting damned gold, exchange for quest reward. Sell rewards after. Or you could just farm spiders in garr shagg map. They also drop 5g and 8g loots.
  18. ^ oh too bad kos, but maybe they will realize it someday hahaha. When they get tired of thinking of new skills to add
  19. it came to my mind just now, what if passive skills could be leveled like sword mastery and give bonus when leveled etc... then you could now make it every lvl=1 skill pt.. it can also promote uniqueness because you get to choose which weapons you could master or you could choose to increase your health(strong constitution).
  20. ^ that would make the game file size heavy... and that would suck. they should first focus on the necessary features of an mmo game.
  21. they need to fix this ASAP because it's getting annoying... i was soloing garr the other day and i can almost kill him with almost two strikes left, then i used chop then immediately used pumpkin because i am almost dead and then the game crashed on me... f*ck...
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