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[Update Daily] Relic Location?


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I hate relic on mc land... It's damn hard to find... One real thing... I walk from camp of legion to nadir then walk to Armor cliff and ask everyone still on clue... Finally u ask someone near Tavern... Still bad but when you ask firework seller in tavern... He knew it... Sucked...

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[FB]: Raynos, Misty Shelter (west from Citadel of Dinalt Knights)




Thanks UXIE for always updating us the relic..ur so good

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Once my postcount is 50, ull get + karma for me, meanwhile please keep up the goodwork Ciamiau & Uxie  ;D


What he said...  :good:




And yes... Todays relic for FB.

Velaid again...    :wacko:    Just east of Kamp Riff




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