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  1. How are the swamps for leveling compared to doing dailies?
  2. Hi all I'm a returning Warspear player, I quit last September around the Norlant Swamps release due to grind boredom, thought I would give it another go. I have a level 15 Necro and level 17 Barb... I have a couple questions on what's happened since I left: 1. How do guilds work? Is there a faq or guide anywhere that I can read? 2. I heard necros have been nerfed, is this true? 3. What's up with the arena points being reset? 4. What level should I start playing Norlant Swamps at? Thank you.:)
  3. Firstborn's passive ability is Concentration which increases all damage by 4% and gives a 5% resistance to dark magic. The MC's ability is Mountain's Power. This passive ability provides a 4% boost in health and gives a 5% resistance to sun magic.
  4. 28 august Gordir knows where the stone is. Under a rock in town 5.
  5. MC side under bunk in old prison.
  6. I think the regular quests stop at around level 15 or so. I can't remember exactly but currently I'm at the 4th town on my second character and am level 14. Haven't played on my level 17 since November so maybe there are more quests I'm not sure.
  7. After you complete all of the regular quests for xp you can start. Pretty much all you will do every day is complete daily quests for xp and then after that either farm bosses, do chainless league quests, pvp, arena or whatever. -That's another tip do your free arena fights everyday to start stockpiling arena points for arena armour and weapons.
  8. Start doing any quest you want. Eventually you will finish all quests in the first town and move onto the second. Tips: - I don't buy any armour until maybe level 15, you still get good enough armour from quests, but it may be a good idea to buy a new weapon from the store. - When you finish all of the quests in the first town, you will start seeing blue exclamation mark quests. These are dailies and can be completed everyday for experience. Do dailies as soon as you can because they will save you time in the future unless you skip them now. They are pretty boring but they will
  9. Check your map to see if you are in the rigbt map section. If the flower's aren't there it means another player may have taken them. You'll have to wait for them to respawn.
  10. This is guide on the Necromancer class. I don't go into too much detail on the combat spells so if anyone has any more information on lacking areas, I will include them in the guide. NECROMANCER MYTH - Necros have the most powerful healing spell. The Priest's healing spell is actually just as powerful as the necro's healing spell. However, the necros spell uses half the required energy and 4% of the necro's health to cast. Uploaded with ImageShack.us NECROMANCER FACT - Necromancers are the most effective healers in long PvE battles. Why? Because necro's have the highest ba
  11. It still costs energy to cast. Otherwise you'd have unlimited healing and shield.
  12. I just did a test on 2 new characters, 1 shaman and 1 necro, both at 0 astral. The shaman healed 32 hp 5 times throughout 15 seconds, I timed it. Shaman energy expense - 12 Shaman cooldown - 10 secs Shaman range - 5 The necro healed 72hp instantly. Necro energy expense - 7 Necro cooldown - 8 seconds Necro range - 4 So it's pretty close. You can heal 146 hp in 8-9 seconds on a necro using 14 energy, and on a shaman you can heal 160 hp in 15 seconds using 12 energy. So I think both classes have pros and cons to their healing. In terms of most healing power I'm p
  13. Thanks! How do you like necro compared to shaman?
  14. So I am a returning Warspear player. I left in November 2011 with a lvl 17 barb. I came back a couple days ago and started a Necromancer character. I have a couple questions regarding this class. 1. From what I understand a necro has the most powerful healing spell as well as the most powerful shield spell. Using these spells consume the user's hp. Is it possible then to kill yourself while using the heal/bone shield spell? 2. Does the nightmare spell work 100% on all enemies including bosses? And lastly how do you guys like playing necros pvp and pve? Are they popular at all o
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