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  1. [13-11-2011] MC: Greybeard - Dungeon
  2. [12/11/2011] MC: Inglov, Leeward Island
  3. Best thing I have heard about arena so far! I really would like that!
  4. 11-11-2011 Hock'ap, Armor Cliff Tavern
  5. I never tested, but after reading your words it seems that block does not affect melee, right?Can anyone confirm that? Because as it is, block seems rather useless and it is better to invest in dodge or parry. If block and dodge work towards the same attack abilities (spell and arrow) it would be better that you max one skill (dodge) rather to get a third skill to 10 percent. 20%dodge (20 out of 100 attacks miss you) is better than 10%dodge and 10% block (meaning 10 out of 100 attacks gets dodged, and the other 90 are subject to block, where you in turn avoid damage on 9 attacks, which means that you avoid approx. 19 attacks compared to 20 from pure dodge) But maybe the dodge skill is compared to the attack skill of the attacker, and with block its not compared but a fixed percentage. Then it might be interesting ... Anyone knows something and wants to share?
  6. [10/11/2011] MC: Hyarvard, Bitter Ash Island
  7. [09/11/2011] MC: Gamriz, nadir tavern (I needed client 2.0.1 to pick up the relic; did not work with 2.0.0)
  8. :lol: You need glasses :lol: Well, I already have since 2 years. Nevertheless, maybe someone needs to differentiate between "block" and "dodge". ;D ;D (hell of a lot of work getting the quotes approximately right) 8)
  9. [MC] 08.11.: Kald - Salt Hill (Quest still broken - cannot pick up relic)
  10. I think because no developer has a Barb, otherwise they might have seen that all reward items from the Halloween quest are only for Mages and Rogues, but nothing new for the barbarian.you can buy better items in the shop :( Well, so at least I don't have to spend my MC on new runes and crystals, because there is nothing new for barbarians :'(
  11. You are talking about block, right?
  12. PC Client: very often when I click on an enemy the cursor is set there, but my avatar does not attack the target. Same with moving and interactind with environment (talk to NPCs, pick up items, etc.) Should be fixed, very irritating gameplay not.
  13. [MC] 6.11. Hyarvard 7.11. Greybeard Still bugged ... and still only worth 5 CC, this sucks Weapons still "receiving" not "equipping" as it was before the update, this sucks too!
  14. As I currently do not intend to do much boss camping because its not fun - and I play a game for fun - I will go with cc items.
  15. If apple puts the v 2.0 on their app store nobody can play who has installed the new version until server is 2.0 as well.They could prevent that "apple-forced update" by making the clients backwards compatible (meaning that a client v 2.0 can connect to server 1.9) but that also costs a lot of effort. That might be the reason for a forced 2.0 server update. Admitting to misuse a bug - and no one can tell me that is not misuse of a bug - should thing before complaining about a fixed bug and admitting to have used it. But that is just my humble opinion. In a lot of MMORPG you are banned on sight for that.
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