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  1. :( PLS. Give it back to me......
  2. Best thing is to br careful... :)
  3. Make peace... nonsense... we are here to fight. Its up to you... :)
  4. It says firstborn, why warlock. Lol :D i hate them all
  5. Pls GM do something here in philippines .. nice bonakid... laban ng laban... :D
  6. who says that they will going to reset the arena pts.? :facepalm:
  7. list not updated yet? :(
  8. I hope spear can be used as a long range weapon too. So that both side have 4 long range weapon. :drinks: :friends:
  9. so far for me i dont use sign until +3. maybe its just a bad day for you.
  10. LOL if you only have 50hp and you need 50hp to use it you will die. cause you will have 0hp
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