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  1. i was hoping that something like that could happen too it would be so much nicer to see happen
  2. I use to have Danlo like 1-2 years ago, lost my acc cus update logged me out xD now im unable to reclaim my old pally name of Danlo because of GM xDDD
  3. Hey All! I got bored of being yelled at in dgs for not being able to properly heal people as a lvl 18 Shaman (Motherpain) so i decided i wanna be a tank and be the one who tells people off instead! Therefore i made my DK Dawnblood, I'm planning to max Thorn and Dark shield, but idk what kind of armour to get wand what other skills one would need in order to become a successful tanker and PvP DK? Could someone be so kind as to assist me by telling me how i can build my DK?
  4. Yeah but rogue can go invis! such an upper hand especially as they get extra dmg if they attack whilst invis!!! id say it was pretty balanced if you ask me especially with the kind of expert skills they both get
  5. I'd like to say... Violets aren't Blue.... They're Violet!!!!
  6. wondered why nobody hassn't said that pun yet
  7. Hi There, I have been inactive in my guild for a while due to problems at home. I was wandering if someone can pass a message to the Legends Guild Leader Beatnju for me
  8. Hey Guys, Just wanna say thanks for all of the advice. I have a handful of good characters that are relly quite OP thanks to your help I have a lvl 16 bd- Danloblade, a lvl 14 Pally-Danpala and a good necro- Danlonecro
  9. Haha, like the way u think bro
  10. Ok MCocktail, i have bought a 2h spear (spear of holiday stealer) on the market after using my rogue to farm for at least another 10k gold, i have good dmg and good def so far, im gonna start saving up for 1h weap and shield then buy good armour with my newly earned AP. THX alot bro
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