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[Update Daily] Relic Location?


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6.11. Hyarvard

7.11. Greybeard


Still bugged ... and still only worth 5 CC, this sucks

Weapons still "receiving" not "equipping" as it was before the update, this sucks too!


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[MC]: Who know where is relic today.. he Ingolv at Leeward Island ( South part ).


          And you need search one Crystal, in cave.


Have a Nice day!  ;)




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[MC]: Who tell you where is relic location... uh i forget the name  :fool: But u will find at Lowland of Sorrow.


Good Luck, and MERRY X'MAS!  :drinks:





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[MC]: Today find at  Greybeard in the cave. The short way, if u enter the cave over the Camp of Legion.


Hehe im dont find him, so thanks the info Lordsrw.


Good Luck guys!  ;)




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[MC]: Today relic location -->  Nadir ( tavern ).






To support this thread to keep on going,


Kindly please reward the user who volunteerly update the relic's info +1 karma (Reason : Relic location)

This should not take much of your time


Thank You.

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