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  1. I kick ur black ass many times alone, u are too weak, why i should gang up to kill an idiot with big mouth?. :lol: Its another player who like to rape u in gang. Are you gonna cry? :lol: They not serious, only make fun with kittyraider. Oh, i mean wolfrider :crazy: If u want a duel, Go level up to 18. After that i play to duel with you. Who lost, DELETE char! Bwahahaha tell me here if u are ready
  2. Keep talking bullshit, flamewolf :crazy: I post here cause you many times talking like u are strong. Kicking ur ass many times last time when i still playing, enough to prove u are a big mouth. Dont judge enemy scared. Remember, u just a noob. :lol: 1st, maybe they are on quest killing mc 2nd, maybe they want to go somewhere, and u stinky rat blocking the way. 3th, they killing just for fun, not for honour. :pleasantry:
  3. Oh, i forgot to say hello to my friend, Chrono. See, U are Strongest now bro. Dont ever think to do what you "want to do" like last time. Make it real! "nightmare of all elf.. Is me!"
  4. Lol, i always walk alone except war. If u see me with somebody, Its just cause that somebody follow or he hv the same way to go somewhere. Walk alone, die alone. Thats why i named C, Evil, LONE. Im not playing my cevilone anymore. Someone else playing as him to continue. I mean not playing warspear anymore :rofl:
  5. U talk so much, flamewolf. Dont act like u are strong. U are just a noob. :rofl: If i still playing, Im going hunt ur damn ass like before :tease:
  6. Old player who not rich, become like a N O O B :crazy:
  7. I think devs wont change ticket arena system.
  8. Yea, money rules. From best games, Become worst game ever
  9. Devs have no compassion :facepalm:
  10. Its netqin mobile guard that show connection speed like that.
  11. Absent ur self here if u quit. Let devs / GM knows that what they done its just ruin the game. U can put ur friends name too if they quit but not active in forum. Absent, I am.
  12. No lv up 19+ and new island for next 6 month, jaw :blush:
  13. This game will not last long. Only time this game will over. I think i will post a player list who quit this game. Absent ur self there if u all quit this game.
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