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  1. Se você gosta de lutas pvp, talvez já tenha se deparado com a seguinte dúvida: Qual runa devo usar para batalhas pvp? Bom, primeiro vejamos como funciona o sistema de defesa no warspear. Para calcular o dano recebido por outro player temos a fórmula; (x - def) - resiliência = danos recebido. Ou seja, digamos que seu oponente tem 500 de danos e você tem 20% def + 10% resiliência, fica assim; (500-20%) - 10% = y 400 - 10% = 360 Se seu oponente ter penetração, deve ser reduzida somente na sua defesa pois penetração não funciona contra a resiliência, só funciona contra a def. Vejamos o mesmo exemplo, só que agora seu oponente tem 6% penetração; (500-(20%-6%)) - 10% = y (500 - 14%) - 10% = y 430 - 10% = 387 Agora vamos comparar a redução de danos entre a runa def e a runa resiliência: Para este exemplo temos um dk lvl 24 com set arena lvl21 +8 e runas resiliencia na armadura e botas. Vamos calcular o dano recebido de um oponente com 800dmg e 5% penetração. (800-(36%-5%)) - 20,9% = y (800 - 31%) - 20,9% = y 552 - 20,9% = 436 Agora vamos mudar as runas da armadura e botas, e fazer o mesmo calculo. (800-(40,3%-5%)) - 15,3% = y (800 - 35,3%) - 15,3% = y 517 - 15,3% = 438 Como podemos ver as runas Resiliência são mais eficaz, porém os testes foram feito sem a def de uma guild, nesse caso temos resultados diferentes. Primeiro teste, usando runas resiliência só que com defesa da guild: (800-(39,6%-5%)) - 20,9% = y (800 - 34,6%) - 20,9% = y 523 - 20,9% = 413 Segundo teste, usando runas def + defesa da guild: (800-(44,2%-5%)) - 15,3% = y (800 - 39,2%) - 15,3% = y 486 - 15,3% = 412 Porém com tudo isso não vamos esquecer que as runas resiliência reduz as chances de você receber um acerto crítico. Concluímos que as runas defesa são mais eficazes quando usada com defesa de guild, porém runa resiliência funciona contra ataque magico e físico e reduz chance de receber crítico. E você, qual runa escolhe?
  2. nice, but try suggestion section
  3. healers runners got advantage on this map.
  4. Potions chaos was not the solution to this because they are expensive and we could not spend hours using potion of chaos. Proof that potion of chaos was not the solution is that the pvp cave of nadir still full of players.
  5. We all know that Warspear received many upgrades over the years with many bug fixes and improvements, but these updates something important was left behind , an free arena mode to train and test players powers with friends. This is not an mode in which it awards or points , but we can choose who to fight and call him to fight. I suggest a new button in the menu interact interact - > challenge to fight Could be on a map of the arena or in an area dedicated to these struggles , I would prefer an area where other players can watch these battles as an audience. I know I'm not the one who would like it, but also other passionate players for pvp fights.
  6. This arena map was hated by majority of players, and cause bad experience in the game. * Rogue lose invisibility and stun. * Necro lose stun. This make bad experience for those class.
  7. He scammed me, see the video. scam
  8. Ok, just i dont play with mountain clan, but i have a costume Greench. And i want trade for 180k on elf side. I play server EU-Emerald, elf sid, Pm me on game ''spdanet''. I am a honest player, and i want gold first.
  9. Ok, just i dont play with mountain clan, but i have a costume Greench. And i want trade for 150k on elf side. Pm me on game ''spdanet''. I am a honest player, and i want gold first.
  10. I could not attack him, he only managed to attack me, because her names is not red.
  11. Warspear is a good game, but the version for computer needs an improvement in screen size. I would like to play in full screen. what do you think?
  12. The player called Dewaa killed me on kotarravva, i dont know how :nea: .
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