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My goodbye


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Well, I guess its the cool thing to do on here. I have been gone for awhile anyways and haven't given an official goodbye to everyone.


It was fun while I played, made a lot of cool friends and even enemies. I hold no grudges :) game just got way too boring for me and I would log on from time to time to say hi to a few people. I hope everyone has a fun time playing while it lasts, I just can't get into it anymore.


If anyone wants to get at me I play league of legends now when I'm not busy, my name there is xasceticx.


Take care everyone and have fun  :give_rose:

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Actually i know u a little but but u don't know me  :) , anyways GoodBye  :friends: ;)

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its said goodbye not quit  ;D ;D so its possible he came back and play  agen  :good: :good:


Nah I'm seriously gone, I quit for sure. Nothing on this game I like anymore and future updates don't interest me if they ever even come.

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