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  1. I don't know how many people on this game feels about 6.1 update, but for myself, it took the game backwards. When arena gear first came out it was wonderful to get if you don't have the time or gold to buy, for an example kronus armor. With having arena gear you won't be as strong as the players who farm all day, but you had yourself a decent armory and weapons that you can farm as well as pvp. After 6.1 it's either you build for pvp or pve, and I noticed many people who built their characters pvp, cannot do dungeons or dailies without seriously damaging their gears also they are quitting the game. This may not happen, but my suggestion is to reverse the arena gear and weapons back to the way they were prior to 6.1 update. Fero could also need some changes as well. It's just my suggestion.
  2. Maybe you guys are missing my point, we all know if you want to do pve, equip yourself with pve, vice versa with pvp, use arena gear. What is trying to find out if anyone has experiment using both pve and arena gear, to find a balance for both worlds. And im not including arena weapons, those weapons are suicidal for pve.
  3. To those who are new to warspear, once upon a time you could use arena and regular gear for pvp and pve. But now, someone from the development team decided to get cute to make pve and pvp gear, and of course everyone doesn't have the time or resource to obtain 2 gears. So here is my question, have anyone experiment a balanced gear of pvp and pve? I strictly talking about armor, not weapons.
  4. Can't disagree with this statement. Ferocity is all about money and resilience use to be a necessity, but now it's a liability.
  5. Every since dev change the resiliance skill, it's great when your in arena or pvp. But if you had a full arena set before the update, it useless to use when your doing dailies or pve. You take more dmg from arena gear than a non arena, and ferocity is excellent in arena, but again if you're using arena gear as your main equipment, your wasting your time and repair on dailies. So my advice, if your doing pvp as well as pve, get 2 gears, which require a lot of amping.
  6. I maybe wrong but it's taking me longer just to kill average monsters now since last update.
  7. DAMMIT I AGREE! Dev really destroyed the arena weapons and gears before the last update. I wasted mcoins and gold on amping on b.s. weapons that I can't pve. At least cc is more balanced and they also need to add more higher lvl weapons to cc market.
  8. I can summon this topic up with this statement. If your playing on Mc/Forsaken side and the quest are too hard and you jumped to the elf side because it's easy, maybe your not "TOUGH" enough to handle Mountain Clan side. Or your too soft, if that's the case play as an elf.
  9. Btw, dev made The matrix costume, V for Vendetta, world of war craft so why not make light sabers skin, darth Vader costume and Jedi costume as well. Now that would be a excellent Christmas update if those items were in there.
  10. I'M DEFINITELY ON BOARD WITH THIS! Come on dev team let's make this happen.
  11. To all barbs players how are you setting up your character, is it a killing machine or a tank to be supportive. Either way is good to me.
  12. Thats why I play this game sometimes. They get you hook and a great disappointment
  13. I just come to do to kota and craft. Other than that the game is very very BORING
  14. oh im around :search:just name the time and date
  15. I agree but my MAIN complaints is that dev. team refuses to listen to us but try to copy others games and failed to duplicate. I just want the big island update with the ability to lvl up.
  16. Warlion why are you complaining? Why is everyone complaining? If your like me, you know aigrind is screwing up this game with every update. I tried to give the tower a chance (SUCK) I'm giving crafting a chance (so far SUCK) and like everyone else who been playing for over 3 yrs, we are waiting on the big island and higher lvls. So poley your right time to change games. Anyone wants to play order and chaos?
  17. I like Filipino WOMEN :spiteful:
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