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  1. Yeah I know what you meant, I mean, hitler was a good guy too, but only if he liked you.
  2. You cant call someone like anih a good guy. You're either a good guy or a bad guy, anih is 100% bad. Just because he treat s you like his queen and treats everyone else like garbage doesnt make him a good guy Either ways, anih does randomly gank people, and when he does, most nbk members jump in without knowing whats going on.
  3. Anih has some serious personal problems, he lost a leg in the iraqui war, I mean that sucks but dont vent all that hatred towards less experienced or low amped players. On the other hand, he tried the same on me, probably made him waste 10$ a day worth of pots, minions, and revives
  4. First +9 scout gladius from 9-10 took me 9 signs 2nd scout gladius from 9-10 took me about 8 set signs Pretty damn lucky
  5. They could of made this skill much better, its pretty useless against wlocks, shamans, necros, priests, and druid. Only thing its useful is for taking rogues out of stealth. And if you argue that its useless against any of those ranged classes youre full of it. This skill would of been good if it actually caught up to ranged classes
  6. Please read properly before post Do you even know the definition of rising?
  7. If you are willing to solo a few bosses I got a little technique. All you need is an elf and an mc char. Use one as a spy, park it right at the tightest point to get through . Check the spy and make sure all the crossings seem clear. When clear, go on main and move to that location Now switch between the chars every few minutes to make sure you arent spotted Finally, park the main close to the boss location, check spy, if clear, then attempt to kill the boss Youll need a good amount of pots if you arent hitting real hard
  8. That new bd skill isnt even worth considering a stun, its a retarded skill actually. It does no damage, has a 25% chance of stunning. Only thing its actually good for is causing aggro and taking rogues out of stealth. Its rather pathetic, you cant even catch up to kiters properly with it, unlike the rogue skill which lands you right in front of the target.
  9. Plot twist: shawnlol and krzyskillz have a secret relationship and will soon get married
  10. I was mc, i just did gg and lake all by myself today :D theyre not so hard. Silly mc got caught by surprise and ran like girls, leaving me lake with 2k hp
  11. Im using android and play store option is not on my phone. Using galaxy note 3, any help please?
  12. Gotek

    warspear hd?

    I thought so too at first. I can play it on my sisters phone zoomed out and her phones about a 3 yr old piece of crap with a tiny screen... Im guessing it depends on the phones dpi
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