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  1. old players?...i represent skin heads clan
  2. - Gold spent to increase the level of the guild and skills will be returned. - Earned Guild Points. - Guild leader will receive Miracle Coins spent on guild leveling and the expansion of guild warehouse (will be returned today). im a guild leader but none of these return
  3. if you want to hack your symbianphone try this http://nokiaphonefirmware.blogspot.com/2013/01/install-unsigned-application-using.html
  4. for certificate error troubleshoot check your application manager then go installation settings tick off the online certificate then try install it again this is for nokia if not working try to reset factory do not set the date yet then install the apps if not working look likes the apps have a prob
  5. devs kindly make new bosses to hunt in nxt update hunt new boss for new items just like astral when swamp appear its easy to get lvl18 gears now when old days alot of mcoins spend in just hunting boss to get high level gears but now it s easy because of swamp.... alot of my friends in us saph are already inactive because they got bored the items we got in lab are too much common now except the doom wep farming is very enjoyable 2way to enjoy ws pvp and boss hunting... but boss hunting is much enjoyable than pvp in pvp only lucky high amp rules in farming even low amp chars can enjoy it..
  6. pvprange is not a pro hes alot of pot in pvp he always ganking and run he dont want 1vs1 coz hes afraid to face anyone in pvpcave or any place where pvp he want not fair fight.. in arena he have full of scroll ang pot effect .. is that the pro? :lol: :lol: self proclaim pro is weird :rofl: :rofl: let people call you pro not your own saying :rofl: :rofl: i call him pro drama king :lol: :lol:
  7. i thought i click exit but when i cross going to nadir the client always close this is in us saphire
  8. what is this? lol :lol: :lol: :rofl:
  9. hey pvprange your thread is always spam you just seeking attention i know your my hater but im not your hater quit if you have one word you just make me laugh :lol: :rofl:
  10. lol i have no intension peace :friends:
  11. i am suprised why he pm me this.. throwing his hobby to other people and then he ignored me... :bad:
  12. what happened? why you quit? hows your eisha? :friends:
  13. nope and also the storage when you get items in guild storage the ws client automatic exit
  14. after arena my menu not change
  15. fix the storage bug when you get items in storage you get dc
  16. sorry to hear that luvis but dont leave
  17. very simple prob if you lost your phone and you can log on to your account tru pc or other device that you can play warspear.. change your pass and email if you log into another device the previous user will automacally log out.. and you have the chance to change log in... :)
  18. its annoying when swamp came out the exiciting and fun in boss hunting was lost in old times no swamp if you got vl18 items all elf/mc will proud of you and they will say "your a pro" 'congratulation" :clapping: :drinks: i hope gm make new lvl of items that cannot get in swamp.. only in boss hunt :pardon:
  19. theres a 2 option of being a pro player in warspear 1: pro-farmer thats what they called a pro boss hunter ( who can lead and know all how to hunt all bosses) 2: pro-pvp ( all he/she know is to go arena and pvp) and you know all this your a pro :drinks:
  20. why us sap server is shutting down? always dc and lag im waiting for more update :yahoo:
  21. i hope the account block profile system will be fixed in mobile version and the isnt found quest
  22. i tried to install in symbian phone when i install it its says file corrupted or unable to install i changed the date 30/07/2012 to 30/08/2012 then i install the sisx file "installation completed" :shok:
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