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Regardless, it's a mystery we'll have to solve later.

If he left a relevant message, maybe. But this is pointless bloat that bring nothing new to the table and can be safely ignored. 

You lads have more important mysteries to solve. Some that you even take for a fact.

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Shitzo here. Thought you guys could already tell...    ._.


And no, I'm not coming back to Warspear. As long as you have to work months in order to achieve something a person who spends money on in a day would, then I'm probably never coming back again. Besides I deleted all of my characters who have achieved such at that time, so RIP in peace.

Despair has nothing to do with me playing or whatsoever, so leave Despair out of this.


YellowDiamond69, what do you want from me? I don't even know who you are...

I've already left long time ago, I have nothing to do with anything here.


And hey, Hentai tetris is actually fun....

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