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Found 25 results

  1. Hey, so here's my suggestion Next update we should get some instanced raids,instead of all of them being in the open world, these raids will have very strong mobs with like 250k-300k hp each, and multiple bosses, each of the bosses will have 700k-10m or even 20m hp depending on the difficulty The difficulties should be Normal,Hard,Heroic,Myth, raid groups will be atleast 10-25 players, the mobs in this raid will hit hard and will require a tank or even 2 or more,multiple healers will be needed mobs will hit around 8k damage and crits will almost always instakill anyone that isnt a tank, unless they have good solidity, the mobs will drop bars/pots or trash items, the bosses will drop really strong gears, and the final boss of the raid are guaranteed to drop something, finishing the raid can drop gears that are super powerful so they should be hard to complete The mobs and bosses will have special and unique mechanics that make each raid different and more difficult/interesting This type of raid has a limited amount of chances for entry, maybe around 3 every few days,(can be refilled with Raid Stamina Elixir in the mcoin shop) This is just a rough idea that i came up with what do you guys think?
  2. Novo sistema de drop Drop garantido O que queria dizer é que as masmorras poderiam ter uma certa chance de obter o item raro dela com uma certa quantia de masmorras feitas. Exemplo: A cada 50 masmorras realizadas, nessa 50ª era 100% de certeza que iria conseguir um item raro dessa masmorra, mas só seria possível fazer isso na mesma dificuldade da masmorra, por exemplo: Vou 25 masmorras (Sea mytic) e 25 masmorras (Berengar Mytic), ai sim eu teria 100% de chances de conseguir algo raro nessa 50ª masmorra. Drop aumentado Outro método de ajudar nesse sistema de drop, seria aumentar a taxa de chances de obter algum item raro, a partir das masmorras feitas. Exemplo: A cada 50 masmorras realizadas, aumentaria em 1% (aumentando a cada 50 masmorras sem um limite) a chance de obter algo raro. Isso faria que juntaria a chance da semana (Dependendo se está 1x ou 2x chances + a quantia de masmorras realizadas. Isso seria bom para todos os players que sempre vão muitas masmorras em busca de algo raro e nunca conseguem, e também não prejudicaria os players que farmam poucas masmorras.
  3. So people just gonna make lvl1 characters with free stams and spam dung solo as seeker/mage without a problem and get x5 drop. Problem is that if you enter boss location with only one character boss spawns only one mob that heals boss. There is no problem to complete dungeon solo one stam.
  4. https://youtu.be/HhzYFbsweBg voltio video in dg ... see all and suscribe for more videos!!
  5. Estava fazendo Coliseu Difícil com um colega, e no final da masmorra, faltando cerca de 3 minutos, quando estávamos no Boss (já haviamos consumido revives, pots, 2 vigores, reparo..), todas as skills (minhas e dele) foram bloqueadas, e ao final do tempo, fomos expulsos da masmorra mesmo sem clicar nada. Isso nunca havia ocorrido antes, mas foi bastante frustrante, espero que encontrem uma forma de corrigir.
  6. INTRODUCTION 😃 Hi my name is Marleeeee, thank you for taking the time to come read my content 😊.As you all know these days we're on SPRING EVENTS😆 which mean we all gonna be rich 😁💰(probably 😅), and a lot of interesting stuff waiting 😗. So ayye, now let me explain what i will inform on this post 😁 ⏬⏬⏬ 1. DUNGEONS First thing first,all player gold engine, Dungeon 😅.Spring dungeons are Solo Dungeons which means you can't enter it by party. There's a plus minus about it,the plus things is you don't need to wait any longer to find party, no toxic people will blame your perfomance 😅, and there's no time limit to complete it😗 very interesting. Well the minus things it's take a long time for non dmg classes to complete it (except all your gear +10🥺), and it's kinda bored spam dg's alone without interaction with people 😞 TIPS & TRICKS😁😁😁 Alright let me get this quick... 😜 There's 4 stones that required to activate to enter the boss room, it can be activated by completing the cave room and activate the toggle, each room has two type of stages, blue and green. Now i will show you which the fastest room to complete the dungeons. a) Main Hall b) Cave Room Stage c) Boss Hall The Boss was easy too kill no need specific tactic on it.There's 5 chest on dungeons, one is main chest and the rest four need reputation to open those chests. 2. HOW TO EARN REPUTATION As we know, we need to earn reputation to open the four spring chest in dungeons, noww here's a few way to earn faster reputation,😁, check this out 😎 a) Get The Repu Buff First! 🤗 Before you doing all activity to earn reputation, the first thing to do is get the reputation buff from world event, that will boost your reputation by 30%, it's on last stages of world event 😇 b) Daily Quest Quest's a few daily quest that give you reputation. The NPC location is inside the castle 😁 c) Reputation from Dungeons Every dungeons on spring map will give you reputation with same amount, but it limited by 600 reputation per day 🥺 d) Boss Raid There's two boss to raid on spring map, both give you reputation if you participate to raid the boss, however you need specific amount of reputation to enter the boss room 😓 e) Guild Versus Guild Event Guild Versus Guild Event give you some reputation too. Be sure you join active guild to participate the event. In this guild event you qnd your guild need to kill three boss to complete the event. You will get free enter dungeons buff too after your guild complete this event 😃😄  3. CRAFTED SPRING WEAPONS The Spring iconic stuff, CRAFTED SPRING WEAPONS 😁😁.Yes,maybe this is the favorite things that everyone wait for every spring events 😄. Why this is so favorite? The stats of these weapons really good 😎👍 , and there's some most favorite weapon that people always wanted to have it a) Weapons For Tanks (DK, Barbarian, Paladin, PHY Charmer & PHY Templar) b) Weapons for Caster (Almost all Caster)  c) Weapons For Ranger & Hunter d) Weapons Ford Rogue, Seeker & BD 4. Collect All Ethereal Items Well, Ethereal Items price going drop when spring event because it's dropped from 4 spring chest on dungeons that i talked before.The price around 3-4k/pcs (4k for ethereal catalyst). For ethereal essence the price will increase around 7-9k when horror event (October-December) because people will use it for crafting horror accessories. Same as ethereal essence, ethereal substance prices will increase too during snow event (December-January), so my friend let's collect all those ethereal stuff on this spring event 😃😃 since the price still cheap, so you can build your character and growing OP 😎👍. CLOSING 🤗🥺 Well my friends👭👬👫 that's all things that i wanna to inform you, hope you helped after read my post😚🥺. Thanks for coming i really appreciate guys, I'm sorry if there's any mistake on my content or misspelled on the notes. I'm play at EU-MC server, feel free to contact me if y'all wanna play together 😆. See you later guys...
  7. Hey everyone! This is a walkthrough of how the newly released class chieftain perform in the Technopolis myth dungeon. We were just getting used to the skills and I'm sure there are a lot more ways to speed up the dungeon run. Overall, I'd say this is a class with a lot of potential but still incomplete due to some missing skill combinations. I'd certainly recommend making one if you're having any doubts. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Special thanks to @lore for helping break in the class in dungeon. @GrawlogHope to see a speedy chieftain Running underwater soon as we've discussed . Hope this helps in building your chieftain xD -Dewdrew US-Sapphire Server. Enjoy!
  8. Hello adventurer, in this guide we will go through how to pass the new spring dungeon step by step. The first thing we have to do once inside the dungeon is to defeat the Masquerade Guests they are easy to defeat and they use Fear skill. If you are not sure about your strength defeat them 1 by 1. Not all, just enough so you can pass. The next step is to slay the Pet Lions that guard the flowers so you can burn them. There is no need to rush things now so slay them too, 1 by 1. There are 3 groups in total. Once you burn the last flower the Ringmaster transforms into a mighty tiger. He will attack you. Keep in mind that this might be a little tricky to slay as he gets help from an army of tigers trying as well you eat you! I suggest you slay him in the corner of the rose fence and move up or right to avoid the tigers. Now its time to go get the Gargoyle Soul so you can get the help of the Stone Gargoyle that will eliminate the School Graduates that are guarding the final boss. This is a little gamble as it can be either left or right. A quick walk to either side will let you know from where to start first. I suggest you go after the Gargoyle Soul first! If the Gargoyle Soul is in the side of the Labyrinth you have to once again defeat the Masquerade Guests to reach to the end. There, drink the providing potion and defeat the Important Guest, take the Gargoyle Soul and walk back. If the Gargoyle Soul is in the side of the garden be careful! Each red tile spawns an Angry Bee! Each light tile has a chance of giving you a helpful buff or damaging your health with a small percentage. Don't be too greedy. Defeat the Angry Bees and get the Gargoyle Soul and walk back. It's time to walk up now. Here again the Masquerade Guests are blocking your path. Defeat them! At the statue of the Stone Gargoyle an Important Guest will appear that casts Acid Rain, defeat him and deliver the Gargoyle Soul! The next step is to collect the Leprechaun's gold. If the Leprechaun's gold is in the side of the Labyrinth you have to once again defeat the Masquerade Guests to reach to the end. There, drink the providing potion and defeat the Important Guest, take the Leprechaun's gold and walk back. If the Leprechaun's gold is in the side of the garden be careful! Each red tile spawns an Angry Bee! Each light tile has a chance of giving you a helpful buff or damaging your health with a small percentage. Don't be too greedy. Defeat the Angry Bees and get the Leprechaun's gold and walk down. Here are your old friends awaiting you for a final rematch! The Masquerade Guests. After you defeated them proceed to the Explosive Pixies as their name suggests, once they die they explode sending fragments to nearby pixies damaging them. Eliminate them 1 by 1 or all together they are not that strong. Time to go up the stairs! A potion awaits you. Drink it and become invisible. Now you have two choices. You can pick out the Distinguished Guests once by one and then continue by delivering the Leprechaun's gold to the Circus Usher or you can make a quick pit stop to pick up some nice heal buff. If that is the case just cross right and destroy the Robust Potion but keep in mind, each one you destroy spawns two more. Once you destroyed them all you get the buff. Now, deliver the Leprechaun's gold to the Circus Usher and enter the portal he opens! You have reached the final stage. The boss Ampraheilia is awaiting you. The final battle is now. She attack with magic damage and uses Fireball, Shadow Sphere, Teleport and Shield. She also cast slow movement on you. Defeat her! She guards all the treasures you came to get.
  9. Incase your having problems with Server like most heres a Video with most items. 🎃 Horror Items
  10. New Discord server for the Realm of US Sapphire. My discord Username and digits are AscLuna#4902. We welcome all sorts of players wether it be new or old. https://discordapp.com/invite/nHVeT7k
  11. Hola Cuando Completamos Mazmorras de cualquier nivel ganamos Puntos de gremio no? Mi sugerencia seria que ganamos Experiencia también al completar Mazmorras... Así seria un poco mas interesante el tema de las Mazmorras. Esta seria otra Medio de Ganar Experiencia a parte de hacer misiones amarillas y azules
  12. 593/5000 Hello suport I would like to ask you to test what they do before they put in the game, because the tower tree is impossible to do in a stamina as everyone does the tp, there is only one way to go if you drop the satraps where they are, because where they are the gridaur is impossible. How do you put so many towering events and do not match the ones you need? Did you have debuufs but do not you test what they do? When you can fix the problem, I'll be grateful. if it's to put it any way, better not even put it in, thanks. P.s: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes because I'm Brazilian.
  13. Dear GM, Please fix the area bugs in Kronus and Techno Dungeon, where it shows some delay and differences of the position of our character from the real position. Our skills is getting delayed because of that, even though we doesn't have any lag. It shows that we are standing near our ally, but it still takes time before the skill activated to the ally or to the mobs. Please fix this ASAP Thank you GM.
  14. I have an idea of adding new dungeon. That dungeon will be only opened for winner war fraction.For example Sentinels win war they have access to dungeon next war Legion win and they have an access. And that dungeon may drop pvp sets or pve I don't know what would be better :p
  15. I suggest maybe you should make 2 - 3 sure drop in dungeon. Like 1 sure drop of pots, 1 sure drop of sphere, then a chance to drop equips, weapons, or relics. This could stop players from getting frustrated getting def spheres or pots every time. I hope you could understand why i'm suggesting this.
  16. NoobPvP


    Good evening, it's now 10:50, and that's a question for the Adms and Gms. What is the% of not dropping anything in the Christmas tower? Because I just made a lv 12 tower and nothing came from drop .. Is there even the% of not dropping anything or was it just a bug? Thanks .. by NoobPvp
  17. This post from 2014 hoped for a dungeon for lv 14s, as the noob islands' dgs only drop up to lv 13, and easy bg is recommended for lv 16s. The devs were probably planning something back then - and I hope they are still doing that, but here's my take on the topic. The dungeons have all four difficulty levels and are located in the t3 area of both factions somewhere in the wilderness. The dungeons are similar for both the Sentinels and the Legion, except for being mirrored, and when I say ogres, it's centaurs for the other faction and vice versa. I use the Legion side in my descriptions. Each level has its own story quest, but they are not required to move forward with the story. The quest for easy mode is given at the same time as the quest to move to t4, and the quests for higher difficulties become available after completing the quests for lower difficulties. Easy - Recommended level: 12 (max 18) - Drops rare level 12 stuff (basically the ones you can get from vendor but with different looks) "There's a cave we hadn't noticed, and it appears one of the Darmah tribe warlords is inhabiting it. You have to kill the ogre, as he might become a threat if ignored. Bring me his club as a proof." This dungeon is supposed to be easy, not too unlike the ones on beginner islands. The design is very cave-y and pretty linear. The objective is to kill all monsters; in the first part five packs of one elite and three strongs, and in the second part the boss who uses bleed must be killed in addition to the five packs. "The ogre is slain, but you look worried. What is it?" Normal - Recommended level: 14 (max 18) - Drops lv 14 unique equipment "Are you saying that you saw some centaurs deeper in the cave? That is very worrisome indeed. It means that the cave has an opening on the other side of the mountains. You have to go in there again, find a foreman of the centaurs and bring me his orders - maybe a little chaos gives us some time?" The normal level of the dungeon is pretty normal: The packs in the two stages are full of elites and 80% of them must be killed. The boss is pretty straightforward as well, and uses fear and a defense-reduction skill. "If the caves are still open, the Legion could use them to strike from the behind. However, first we have to cleanse the underground passage from the malicious ogres and centaurs." Hard - Recommended level: 15 (max 20) - Drops heroic Berengar's equipment (the same you can get from the Guards) "Our scouts saw a shaman of the Darmah tribe blocking the way. He is a formidable opponent, and thus should be dealt with before we can advance. If you can acquire the stone in his stave - give it to me. The warlocks could use the stone's magic for their own purposes." Hard is not actually that hard. It's just more of a maze, much longer and has traps there and there. If you can survive the dozen waves of elites three times, the boss is quite easy, even though he has more health and damage than your normal lv 16 mini-boss. The boss' skills are blinding (which is not that good when there are traps around), druid's water skill and druid's lightning bolt (protip: It is not advised to have the "wet" debuff while blindly walking in a trap, as you might have some electricity go through you). "The armies of the Legion are almost ready to march through. And this stone full of nature's energy you provided, it will be most useful. Thank you, {name}." Heroic - Recommended level: 17 (max 20) - Drops lv 16 unique weapons "I take my word back. The Sentinels have found about this tunnel as well. The Legion won't retreat, but if the situation runs out of your hand, you may have to collapse the cave. Here, take this enchanted stone. Once you crush it against a wall, the magic inside it starts to work and causes a huge explosion after a short while. If it comes to this, at least try to take as many long-ears with you as you can. Before you go, I just wanted to say that if you stumble upon some lost relics, please salvage them." Step 1: Fight your way through packs of ogres/centaurs and Sentinels through two stages. Traps are there especially to annoy melees. Step 2: The third stage requires you to kill only a couple of mobs; at the end is a mini-boss, a Chosen Commander, with Harad's Banner, Fetters of Justice and the pala strong blow (used to cause a nasty dot) for skills. (Sentinel side: The miniboss is a dead commander with the same skills but with darker animations.) Step 3: Click the stone in the wall to collapse the cave. This spawns an ambush that must be killed completely and in one go for the party to be able to proceed. There's plenty of time, but if, for example, the tank dies after killing half of the ambush and the party has to wait for him to come back and the ambush disappears, it can be resummoned by clicking the stone again. The ambush consists of one ranger, two bladedancers, one druid and one mage who summons fire elementals until she's defeated. (Sentinel side: The ambush consists of one hunter, two dks, a shaman and a charmer who summons wolves.) Step 4: Enter the golden portal and escape the cave, on your way kill a few packs of monsters and avoid a myriad of seriously annoying traps. Step 5: You have randomly stumbled on a secret meeting cave; the tribe leaders are there (if the leaders were already somewhere there, these can be heirs or something). The ogre has charmer's meteorite skill and shaman's earth protection, and the centaur spawns magic spikes everywhere that poison people who stand in them (works like fire last christmas). Once the other boss is dead the other has an increase in damage in order to prevent this becoming a snoozefest. Step 6: Exit the dungeon. "I felt it: you had to use the stone. Luckily the other way we've found looks far more promising... Wait, what is that in your hand? Can it be? You've located the long lost {item name}, which can be used to {do something}! I'll send this immediately to more experienced shamans. If this is truly the real thing, our victory is three steps closer." Mythical - Recommended level: 19 (no max) - drops heroic accessories of level 16 "What were you thinking when you blew the cave up? Don't you know the Chaos itself lives under Irselnort? What you have done may have doomed us all, and I would execute you if we weren't in war and didn't need every able hand! Go back to the tunnel and drive back all that isn't from our world. Irselnort is already chaotic enough." Phase I: Chaos monsters sprawl around every corner. Each group of monsters has one or two casters that get ranger's scattershot effect when they are hit, possibly backing into another mob of angry creatures. Strike from the side or utilize corners. Phase II: A seal is blocking the heroes' way. It must be destroyed, but it has two buffs that each reduce damage taken by 50% (in addition to regular defense). A little further away are two pillars of sacrifice that constantly lose health but cannot die. They also grant the damage reduction buffs to the seal while under 67% health. The healers in the party should keep the pillars from dropping too low while the others kill the seal. One set of not very strong adds is released when the seal has lost half of its health. Phase III: Mini-boss. In the corners there are 4 zones that each reduce the boss's damage when at least one player is standing in them. The party must choose between a fast kill with a lot of pressure on the tank and a slow kill with much better survivability rate. Phase IV: Same mechanic as in phase I, but the runners summon reinforcements. Phase V: Another seal in the chaos-infested tunnels. This one has 8 damage reduction buffs (12.5% each), and a dynamic puzzle with each step harder than the previous. Poor choice unleashes a pack of deadly monsters, proper choice gives a luck buff and removes one stack of damage reduction from the seal. The luck buff lasts 10 minutes and stacks up to 8, and is removed when the player exits the dungeon. The buff increases dodge and critical, as well as the gained guild points and the chance to get something great as the final reward. Phase VI: Boss (chaos creature, a beholder or a gollum perhaps). At 50%, 25%, 12.5% and 6.25% he splits in two (the clone starts with same amount of health as there was on the boss when it splitted), which means poor management will lead to an insurmountable 16 bosses at the same time. The bosses use panic (necro), area root (elm, warning given) and a massive damage attack with a lengthy cross-shaped area of effect centered on them (warning given). "The chaos creeps through everywhere on this cursed land. You must have seen the morlocks in the cities. If you ever want to be helpful to the war effort, descend to the tunnels again and let us fight the battles we'd die for, not the ones we might die on." Here it was. In case you were bored after the first paragraph, here's a condensed version: Easy is, like, very easy. Normal is similar to easy tower. Hard is like hard tower with traps. Heroic is for the first part like heroic tower, but with an annoying ambush-styled wave after boss, and after that is a room full of traps (think swamps or last christmas (but not that hard)) and some mobs, last boss is a double (with fire poison!).
  18. Hey, Warspear is for me one of the best games on Smartphones and i like the PvE a lot. But i think it would be a good idea if they remove the timer in Dungeons. In my opinion it's more attractive for players if they use one Stamina for a dungeon and try to finish it with killing all mobs(and the boss of course). It's a teamplay feeling if you finish a dungeon with friends or strangers without having any time pressure. So a lot of people could be more attracted and involved in dungeons. At this moment i see a lot of players searching only for op player to end the dungeon in one stamina. For me and surely a lot of other players it would be nice if they can relax in dungeons and finish it correctly withut the time pressures. To make Dungeons more balanced then they can buff the mobs and make the dungeon a bit more difficult. I would like to see more team engagement in this great game and this option could be the right one A dungeon should give me the feeling to finish something with my group and be happy about it. I wanna experience the whole dungeon with all his mobs and not only kill the right ones for the quest in it. I hope you liked my idea and it would be fine if you could comment and write your own opinions about the dungeon system now. Sorry for my bad english^^
  19. Hi, this is my first post. I was thinking you probably could allow to mc inv and elves in party and viceversa only in dungeon areas in Ayvondil. If that player leaves the dungeon area, automaticly leave party. In this area all clases can chat in area chat only in dungeon areas or party chat if theyre in the party. I tough is a good idea because is a common enemy from elves and mc. If you have anything to modify in my suggestion i'll be glad to heard it.
  20. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Then you probably know the "LFD" (Looking For Dungeon) system. It basically works in the same way as the arena queue here; collects people awaiting for the same level dungeon. Now. We'd need something similar in Warspear Online too. I'm personally pretty tired of searching people for dungeons by crying out in World Chat for hours. Let's develop a system, where people can see if there is someone else searching for a party for the same dungeon. Example: I want to make a party for heroic Termitary. I go to Menu>Society>Dungeons, and see if there is a request for that level dungeon. If not, then I click Menu>Create new request, where I can set that I want players for heroic TT, what level and what class players I want. I click "Send", and my request for a party will be available for anyone. Now. If there is a player who fits the requirements, can click on my request. Let's say he's a necromancer. I will be informed by system that someone wants to join me, I can decide if I want or not. If I accept, the player will join my party. Inmediately, the slot for necromancer will be marked as full, so now necromancers can see that I don't need more of 'em. If the party gets full, the request gets marked as full, but it stays among the requests until the party enters a dungeon this is for the case if one of the members leave or get kicked, so it is not necessary to re-create the request. See? It is a pretty convinient feature that makes dungeoning better and easier. I have created a little program in C++ language that simulates this. Not too diffucult method. So? What do you think?
  21. I think it would be an awesome addition if people could queue for a dungeon just like arena, then be automatically partied up with other people and once a party is complete they will automatically enter the dungeon they queued for. If random players are in queue for a dungeon there will always be 1 or 2 healers, a tank and damagers. If a someone leaves a group while in dungeon before it is completed, the party will be automatically queued and someone else will automatically join the party if they queued for that particular dungeon, parties can carry on the dungeon while waiting for another player to join and replace the person who left. For example, If a healer leaves then another healer that's in queue waiting for a party will automatically join and 1 stamina will be used for the newcomer. Same for tanks and damagers. I know this may limit people from travelling far to the dungeon entrances but it will make up for far better interaction between all players instead of elitists who only want pros. Parties can vote to kick someone if they aren't helping, and if 4/5 members decide to kick someone, that person will be removed from the party and automatically be removed from the dungeon for someone else to automatically join if they demanded (like arena) for that particular dungeon. Just a suggestion.
  22. Turtle

    Small Quest Bug

    As seen in this video about Minute 1/2 In Dialogue missing for Quest "Water power : 6/8" Click on quest info its not found. This is normal Btw https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl1pa1zcSuU
  23. When you log in will be showing pop up about dg heroic Yea Master says DG heroic in berengar's tower will be double rate to drop items And there's a chance to drops Demo or Beholder suit. Im not make you feel dissappointed. But I think it's true doubled with a chance: Rate to drops good items. Before 0.0000001% After 0.0000002% Double isn't it? And here my drop. I got [No Drop Suit] You couldn't see this.
  24. Is there any hyper skilled pro helpful team willing to help hyper chiken +1 players to complete their berengar tower quests? Because, i have the Juggernault's quest and i can't find a good team for it. My rogue name is Panchen.
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