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  1. REAPER OVERVIEW DESIGN Reaper design overall looks cool, no doubt, especially for the aura. Me personally Chieftain user,when chief first release his aura not too good, only yellow circle. But Reaper has pretty good aura for brand new class. and there's a few skills effect on reaper that i notice can be more optimized,such Evisceration (Base Skill) , Annihilation (Expert skill) maybe designer team can make the effects more optimized, the other is Otherworldly Boost (Base Skill). Otherworldly Boost effect skills when Reaper perform the blink action not really good, it's just blink no color or any effect, just it,but the after effect skills is pretty good with red blood shield.. MECHANISM Ok this will be a lot i wanted to say. Reaper iconic skill is his "Demon Form",but somehow it doesn't work really good. First of all, demon form time TOO SHORT it's technically 16 sec, 12-16 Bar and it's consume 1 bar per sec (cmiiw). That's really not worth imo, that's too short moreover need big effort to gain 12-16 Hate point. Maybe Dev Team can change it to minimum 30-45 sec demon form. The second is Demon Form Effect. "Demon Appearance" Skill effect only increase energy and max hp? πŸ˜‚ and your atk speed stats change to skill recharge (maybe skills cool down). I mean what's the point of that? 🀨If you have atk speed build, and change to Demon Form,which is your atk speed convert to CD i think is useless,since demon form only last for 16 sec, maybe u only click 2-4 skills, and bamm you change back to normal form, and if you don't use atk speed build, you'll dying to earn hate point. And since it's hard to earn hate point,demon form seems useless in Pvp, you'll die before you turn to Demon Form. "So you don't need change to Demon form in pvp" Yes exactly bro, but that's and all i wrote above makes Reaper Demon Form Worthless/Unused πŸ™ƒ FINAL WORD I considered this class still in test and might be change and have lot improvement in advance.All that's i wrote above is pure my opinion,i don't have any intention to defame this class and Developer Team. I have a big hope for this class to bring MC side to had better experience both in PvP and PvE.
  2. Harbinger, Envoy of Darkness 1) Front view 2) Back view 3) Harbinger Lore The time shall come,when the envoy of darkness step to Arinar. The Sky will covered by darkness, and the sound of sorrowful heard throughout the land
  3. Ps : i can't delete the last weapons picture idk why it's still appearπŸ˜•. Use Request desktop site for better experience πŸ˜„
  4. INTRODUCTION πŸ˜ƒ Hi my name is Marleeeee, thank you for taking the time to come read my content 😊.As you all know these days we're on SPRING EVENTSπŸ˜† which mean we all gonna be rich πŸ˜πŸ’°(probably πŸ˜…), and a lot of interesting stuff waiting πŸ˜—. So ayye, now let me explain what i will inform on this post 😁 ⏬⏬⏬ 1. DUNGEONS First thing first,all player gold engine, Dungeon πŸ˜….Spring dungeons are Solo Dungeons which means you can't enter it by party. There's a plus minus about it,the plus things is you don't need to wait any longer to find party, no toxic people will blame your perfomance πŸ˜…, and there's no time limit to complete itπŸ˜— very interesting. Well the minus things it's take a long time for non dmg classes to complete it (except all your gear +10πŸ₯Ί), and it's kinda bored spam dg's alone without interaction with people 😞 TIPS & TRICKS😁😁😁 Alright let me get this quick... 😜 There's 4 stones that required to activate to enter the boss room, it can be activated by completing the cave room and activate the toggle, each room has two type of stages, blue and green. Now i will show you which the fastest room to complete the dungeons. a) Main Hall b) Cave Room Stage c) Boss Hall The Boss was easy too kill no need specific tactic on it.There's 5 chest on dungeons, one is main chest and the rest four need reputation to open those chests. 2. HOW TO EARN REPUTATION As we know, we need to earn reputation to open the four spring chest in dungeons, noww here's a few way to earn faster reputation,😁, check this out 😎 a) Get The Repu Buff First! πŸ€— Before you doing all activity to earn reputation, the first thing to do is get the reputation buff from world event, that will boost your reputation by 30%, it's on last stages of world event πŸ˜‡ b) Daily Quest Quest's a few daily quest that give you reputation. The NPC location is inside the castle 😁 c) Reputation from Dungeons Every dungeons on spring map will give you reputation with same amount, but it limited by 600 reputation per day πŸ₯Ί d) Boss Raid There's two boss to raid on spring map, both give you reputation if you participate to raid the boss, however you need specific amount of reputation to enter the boss room πŸ˜“ e) Guild Versus Guild Event Guild Versus Guild Event give you some reputation too. Be sure you join active guild to participate the event. In this guild event you qnd your guild need to kill three boss to complete the event. You will get free enter dungeons buff too after your guild complete this event πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ οΏΌ 3. CRAFTED SPRING WEAPONS The Spring iconic stuff, CRAFTED SPRING WEAPONS 😁😁.Yes,maybe this is the favorite things that everyone wait for every spring events πŸ˜„. Why this is so favorite? The stats of these weapons really good πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ , and there's some most favorite weapon that people always wanted to have it a) Weapons For Tanks (DK, Barbarian, Paladin, PHY Charmer & PHY Templar) b) Weapons for Caster (Almost all Caster) οΏΌ c) Weapons For Ranger & Hunter d) Weapons Ford Rogue, Seeker & BD 4. Collect All Ethereal Items Well, Ethereal Items price going drop when spring event because it's dropped from 4 spring chest on dungeons that i talked before.The price around 3-4k/pcs (4k for ethereal catalyst). For ethereal essence the price will increase around 7-9k when horror event (October-December) because people will use it for crafting horror accessories. Same as ethereal essence, ethereal substance prices will increase too during snow event (December-January), so my friend let's collect all those ethereal stuff on this spring event πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ since the price still cheap, so you can build your character and growing OP πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘. CLOSING πŸ€—πŸ₯Ί Well my friendsπŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘« that's all things that i wanna to inform you, hope you helped after read my post😚πŸ₯Ί. Thanks for coming i really appreciate guys, I'm sorry if there's any mistake on my content or misspelled on the notes. I'm play at EU-MC server, feel free to contact me if y'all wanna play together πŸ˜†. See you later guys...
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