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  1. Free glad pot for everyone who's great/normal glad pots went to waste at the start of this season?
  2. Is there any way I can discreetly tell you my in game name? It's rather inappropriate to be posted on forum
  3. Since I designed the "Rider if the apocalypse" costume, can I get one on a character of my choice? :)
  4. Seriously? AoE damage lacking, yes, but lacking in AoE CONTROL? You couldn't be more WRONG. Now try seeing it from ours here in elf side. Lack of AoE control here is so bad it makes me wonder if you're blind or if you favour the mountain clan.
  5. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON GIVING MCS MORE STUNS THAN THEY NEED EXTREMELY unfair for elf rangers who have no stun "shot", rather, a useless melee stun which results in their death. We don't need another pala class. We don't need a damage-over-time class that's worse than rogue. We need you to re-balance pvp and all the over powered stuns that mc side has. Why do you hate us elves so much? Can you explain that to me, an elf player who's invested thousands of dollars into i this game? I feel like I'm PAYING TO LOSE along with many other elves.
  6. Would be nice to have a weekly or monthly leader board to record the fastest high level dungeon completion times which reward maybe a few stamina potions to the groups who do it the fastest.
  7. Maybe return the bds counter damage but ONLY to mobs. And as for players maybe 30% of the bds damage(?)
  8. Pala is awesome support for a party in dungeons where you need to skip mobs. Their stun makes things a whole lot easier
  9. Whenever I private message anyone, the game crashes. This is after the recent update. At first it was once a blue moon but just 5mins ago it happened 4 times in a row. Can you please look into this, I've reinstalled the game in hopes of somehow bypassing this problem.
  10. Then you've never fought a decent lock.
  11. How would everyone feel about bosses like faceless etc also dropping skins unique to their theme that would match their costumes? I reckon it'd be awesome
  12. Tayleeo

    Quest bag

    There's nothing to brag about tickets. Everyone has them
  13. Ever since I updated to 6.3.1 the game CONSTANTLY crashes whenever I try to PM any player. Please look into this
  14. It can possibly open up so much new content, who are the other 3 horsemen? Where is Morgan Le Fay now? Are the titans really the villains or were they trying to stop someone else from getting the sword? What was the real reason behind the near extinction of the humans and what was the real reason Morgan Le Fay summoned the 4 horsemen of apocalypse, maybe the history was twisted to make her look good? Or maybe not
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