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  1. i know this is alittle late but if u wanna join a guild that also shares a discord server try join this one, tinyurl.com/WarspearSapphire
  2. this definitely came in handy when i was trying to explain how to get to ayvondil to someone
  3. New Discord server for the Realm of US Sapphire. My discord Username and digits are AscLuna#4902. We welcome all sorts of players wether it be new or old. https://discordapp.com/invite/nHVeT7k
  4. my names yihar ima level 19 rogue. im a player who dedicates time to helping low levels or newbies/noobs or players who are just new at all. if u get stuck on a quest or u need help. this thread is meant to have comments from both players who wish to help noobs and comments from actual noobs themselves who really do need help.
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