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  1. What is the cause of this bug?
  2. Add potion of knowledge to the mcoin shop, to increase knowledge gained for completing quests/dgs and a way to gain more knowledge/day Also Add more ways to gain skill points, either through a quest line or dg or some kind of potion, or add more to the talents tree
  3. Add a progress bar for world events so we can see how many mobs we have to kill or how many objects we need to interact with to finish it, just like how you can see progress in dynamic quests
  4. Hey, so here's my suggestion Next update we should get some instanced raids,instead of all of them being in the open world, these raids will have very strong mobs with like 250k-300k hp each, and multiple bosses, each of the bosses will have 700k-10m or even 20m hp depending on the difficulty The difficulties should be Normal,Hard,Heroic,Myth, raid groups will be atleast 10-25 players, the mobs in this raid will hit hard and will require a tank or even 2 or more,multiple healers will be needed mobs will hit around 8k damage and crits will almost always instakill anyone that isnt a tank, unless they have good solidity, the mobs will drop bars/pots or trash items, the bosses will drop really strong gears, and the final boss of the raid are guaranteed to drop something, finishing the raid can drop gears that are super powerful so they should be hard to complete The mobs and bosses will have special and unique mechanics that make each raid different and more difficult/interesting This type of raid has a limited amount of chances for entry, maybe around 3 every few days,(can be refilled with Raid Stamina Elixir in the mcoin shop) This is just a rough idea that i came up with what do you guys think?
  5. XRecorder_28032023_090841_001.mp4 Beast dosen't attack enemy players when they just crossed or spawn, when they have the buff that prevent mobs from attacking them, Beast will not attack them even when commanded to do so XRecorder_28032023_090841_001.mp4
  6. Always use 4/4 passive soul connection in pvp, it makes u more tanky, if u take 1000 dmg it reduces to less than 700 or 1700 down to 1100 for example
  7. Вопрос, почему вы убрали навык у людей, не состоящих в партии?
  8. What is the logic to give every class an aoe dmg skill, self heal and garunteed stun? What kind of balancing is this?
  9. Yeah, ofc a +1 character would lose vs full +10 heavy mm gear enemy with books, what u expect me to kill them both?lol I did 3k dmg to the charmer before i went down, and still put up a good fight, if i was a ranger, bd or any other dmg class this wouldn't be possible XRecorder_23112022_223414.mp4
  10. Well if u didnt know, reaper has a skill that garuntee crit and it hits twice,+ in demon form it gets a huge increase in skill dmg, and crit dmg+ ferocity wepons, this dmg can hit 4k-5k on even arena geared players, idk who ur char is but if this skill crits u, u will die
  11. Well this video was just to showcase beastmaster in arena, il upload more 2vs2 soon vs greatness chars, so stay tuned
  12. Hi, i made a pvp video doing arena 1v2s with a +1 bm, come and watch
  13. Solo raidboss + a story in this vid
  14. Hi, im here to suggest changing the 2nd skill of the mermen gears, the full set bonus skill, to something else, because the current skill is nearly useless and has no practical use in the game, no one really uses the 4pc bonus skill, everyone just uses the half set
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