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  1. So if im lvl 20 rogue with 700 dmg and my other party members are lvl 24 suports and tank and i make 60% of the dmg to the boss only the lvl 20 rogue drop?? or if the rogue make 40% of the dmg he will not drop? And also this applies for dg in general or only in the boss stage? Sorry my bad english i speak spanish.
  2. completely agree, please we need this!
  3. Hi, this is my first post. I was thinking you probably could allow to mc inv and elves in party and viceversa only in dungeon areas in Ayvondil. If that player leaves the dungeon area, automaticly leave party. In this area all clases can chat in area chat only in dungeon areas or party chat if theyre in the party. I tough is a good idea because is a common enemy from elves and mc. If you have anything to modify in my suggestion i'll be glad to heard it.
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