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  1. Later i can add screenshots because server is down right now: (Edit: screenshots added) • lvl 30 dk basic hp regen • 2 rings lvl 27 30 hp regen each • cape lvl 26 with 26 hp regen rune • lvl 28 amulet with 28 hp regen rune • shield lvl 27 with 30 hp regen (no rune hp regen in this one) • 30% hp regen buff from guild passive • scroll of healing (hp regen mcoin scroll, dont know exact value of hp regen but i know it's not high) • nectar of life potion (40% hp regen) It will be more with lvl 29 items, great charms and a healing rune on shield.
  2. That skill got updated, right know my dk is 506 hp regen, using calculator if should heal 1.2k off combat because skill is 3/4... But in combat heal 1.5k almost 1.6k, when i had it 4/4 it healed me almost 3k hp in combat (i had less hp regen in that time), so i think they made another change without notice. Screenshot with 506 hp regen value, skill in picture is 3/4. Remember reserves in combat is 50% less regen so off combat it should be 3162 hp regen, so from 506 to 3162 hp regen with reserves i think there is 625% increase (506*6.25=3162) in 3/4, i'll leave the math to the experts actually im guessing.
  3. Is very op, for balance i would add, you can take dmg but can't die while skill is active. With this rework dmg reflection dk will be worth 100%... Imagine that skill with 85% dmg reflection (i've reached that percentage with my shaman lvl 22, don't know how far can be with lvl 32 cap)
  4. So if im lvl 20 rogue with 700 dmg and my other party members are lvl 24 suports and tank and i make 60% of the dmg to the boss only the lvl 20 rogue drop?? or if the rogue make 40% of the dmg he will not drop? And also this applies for dg in general or only in the boss stage? Sorry my bad english i speak spanish.
  5. completely agree, please we need this!
  6. Hi, this is my first post. I was thinking you probably could allow to mc inv and elves in party and viceversa only in dungeon areas in Ayvondil. If that player leaves the dungeon area, automaticly leave party. In this area all clases can chat in area chat only in dungeon areas or party chat if theyre in the party. I tough is a good idea because is a common enemy from elves and mc. If you have anything to modify in my suggestion i'll be glad to heard it.
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