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  1. I dont think that the developers are only interested in profit. Also a lot of players are still on the lower level dungeons like easy berengar tower, etc. and it will make the teamplay more interesting. And maybe they will change something about this in the future...we'll never know
  2. Hey, Warspear is for me one of the best games on Smartphones and i like the PvE a lot. But i think it would be a good idea if they remove the timer in Dungeons. In my opinion it's more attractive for players if they use one Stamina for a dungeon and try to finish it with killing all mobs(and the boss of course). It's a teamplay feeling if you finish a dungeon with friends or strangers without having any time pressure. So a lot of people could be more attracted and involved in dungeons. At this moment i see a lot of players searching only for op player to end the dungeon in one stamina. For me and surely a lot of other players it would be nice if they can relax in dungeons and finish it correctly withut the time pressures. To make Dungeons more balanced then they can buff the mobs and make the dungeon a bit more difficult. I would like to see more team engagement in this great game and this option could be the right one A dungeon should give me the feeling to finish something with my group and be happy about it. I wanna experience the whole dungeon with all his mobs and not only kill the right ones for the quest in it. I hope you liked my idea and it would be fine if you could comment and write your own opinions about the dungeon system now. Sorry for my bad english^^
  3. the problem is not the fights against high amp player...the problem are the tickets. If warspear had no tickets they will be more player who do arena and so they will be more parties against you can fight. Surely a few times you will fight against "pros" but not 80% of your arenas
  4. the amplify system is a smart idea...a good idea. But it will be more nice and fun if the amilify maximum is to +5 or so and the signs will be remove. Also the amplify should get nerfs, that the equipt should be more important for the game that the amplify. I know that warspear will not make as much profit as now, but a lot of players will be happy and surely a lot of new people will play warspear. And they will be always a lot of players who spend money in this game to have a new costume etc.
  5. @heavybowus if the drop always get personal equipted and not usefull for everybody it will be more fun to do dungeons, because we will never buy the good equipt from dealer and must work hard to get our personal equipt. I have more fun, if i know that i farm my equipt and dont buy it fromm dealer... and if the equipt gets always personal equipted so they will be rare too. In my opinion it makes no fun if we do dungeons with 1stamina. All the time players search for "pro" players and they hurry up so fast in dungeons that the fun completly vanish. If we had a dungeon which is longer and with harder enemies the party must think how to kill them without to die and not only run and kill the quest mobs.
  6. this is the part of warspear i dont like...it's a hard pay to win system. i would like it if warspear has MORE EQUIPT and LESS AMPLIFY cause i see a lot of +10amplify level 14 character which are better then my +4 - +5 amplify level 19 character... please let me have fun again in this game and make it more fair
  7. Hello everyone, i like warspear and play it two years now. One of the best things in warspear are the dungeons in my opinion. But i can only do 2dungeons in a day, because my stamina is empty then.So i dont like stamina and would like it if you change it. My idea is that warspear would not have stamina anymore and for compensate the dungeons would be longer and harder. And maybe we can get only 5rewards in dungeons on a day...for the fairness Thats my idea. How do you find it? And how do you find the Stamina? I woul like hear your opinion. to compensate to compensate
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