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  1. Thanx all! Good job guys, you all deserve a win πŸ˜› Can't wait to participate in another contest!
  2. Hello! Finally finished my costume! It was very fun and interesting to work on it. I reviewed all other submissions and I wanna say that you did a great job guys! Good luck πŸ˜€ Now, let me present you the Steel Castaway Costume! Steel Castaway "Old, rusty, mechanical cowboy wandering around the flying isles. His loyal horse, Steel-Antler Avanor, is his only friend. Many say that this castaway once was a sheriff watching over the Bluefaced but it's just an old rumor." The costume consists of several parts: wide edge hat face wrap orange scarf leather shoulders (on the back, narrow leather cape attached to them) green coat (a golden chain hanging on the left side) cowboy shoes General look of the costume: He is a fully mechanical humanoid. Mostly made out of steel which is very rusty. Some parts of steel are exposed, such as small area on the face and hands. Has a mechanical watch attached to his left hand, the other hand is bare. Eyes and the watch glows in blue. Under the green coat all the mechanical parts are hidden. But some are visible, such as blue power core (a gem perhaps). Right under the power core you can see his shiny copper belt and high shoes. 1:1 scale 1:3 scale Made using Photoshop Thanx for reviewing! -Epikden
  3. Hello everyone! Here's my greeting card! Good luck others! -EpikDen πŸ˜€
  4. Weeeeeeeew! Good job everyone! This year costumes were really good and it was fun to participate!
  5. Thank you! Also by saying dress do you mean the clothes (hood, cape, armor)? (If so, I agree that this is not the best werewolf out there :D )
  6. Hi everyone! So I just have finished my skin - Prophet of Moon. Gender - male. Race - Garou Anzu-ihri Werewolves. It is said that Moon is their 'religious' symbol. So I decided to make something relating to it. That's how the concept of 'Prophet of Moon' crossed my mind. Description: A werewolf wearing a cloak, a hood and blue metal plate chest-armor. Also, there is red gem details on hood, hands and on belt. Bellow the middle red gem (bellow waist) the Prophet wears a blue skirt-type pants (like nomads used to wear (in real world)). In addition to the 'skirt', werewolf has a wide piece of blue cloth with ornament stretching down from belt to lower part of the skirt (between legs). He doesn't wear gloves or footwear so you can see his bare hands and foot. However, there is a few bandages around his ankles and red bands on wrists. On shoulders - dark blue metal plate figures with cyan gems on top of them (representing moonlight). The cloak and the hood are in white and blueish shades. (Perhaps a Garou or Moon symbol could be added to the cloak). The eyes are green. (Since this werewolf is a prophet, it is safe to say that he handles powers of the Moon which have dyed his eyes in glowing-green color.) Everything was made by me (except werewolf's face, I had to copy it from the game :(, but I changed few details) using GIMP and a screenshot from avatar select screen from the game (was used for proportions and sizes). Here is a 3 to 1 scale Here is a 24 x 36 pixels size Here is the original size I made Thanx for reviewing! Good luck to others ;) Epikden --Edit: Added side, back, 3 perspective view.
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