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Steel Castaway

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Hello! Finally finished my costume! It was very fun and interesting to work on it. I reviewed all other submissions and I wanna say that you did a great job guys! 

Good luck 😀 Now, let me present you the Steel Castaway Costume!


Steel Castaway

"Old, rusty, mechanical cowboy wandering around the flying isles. His loyal horse, Steel-Antler Avanor, is his only friend. Many say that this castaway once was a sheriff watching over the Bluefaced but it's just an old rumor."


The costume consists of several parts: 

  • wide edge hat
  • face wrap
  • orange scarf
  • leather shoulders (on the back, narrow leather cape attached to them)
  • green coat (a golden chain hanging on the left side)
  • cowboy shoes


General look of the costume:

  • He is a fully mechanical humanoid. Mostly made out of steel which is very rusty. Some parts of steel are exposed, such as small area on the face and hands.
  • Has a mechanical watch attached to his left hand, the other hand is bare.
  • Eyes and the watch glows in blue.
  • Under the green coat all the mechanical parts are hidden. But some are visible, such as blue power core (a gem perhaps).
  • Right under the power core you can see his shiny copper belt and high shoes.


1:1 scale



1:3 scale



Made using Photoshop



Thanx for reviewing!


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9 minutes ago, astromante said:

Muño legal o traje, es una competencia vai ser difícil de ganar, vários trabalhos bem feitos

I think we are all giving the best of each one.:panda4:

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