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  1. Seems like you worried much about the Mcs skill , when there are many control skills (low duration) can be removed by purification pots. Let's make all elf base skill as chance stun/control skill like barb and rogues have. Imagine when a bd and a paladin do aoe stuns just by clicking area but Mcs need hit with skill which can be either parried or blocked. You saying about warlock pool stun which need a combo to stun like druids usually do , Mcs cant remove druids aoe sleep with purification pot and it's similar to necros base sleep skill. 2x2 is no more broken with necros or locks since devs bring "Resistance" in game and no one using them for arena usually. Warlocks 3 expert de-buff can be removed by purification pot , necro and dk as well. Dark seal reduce massive heal of druid and paladin which also can be removed by purification pot. Bd aoe stun duration is 7 seconds with 8-9 seconds normally No other MCS have such long stun duration with low duration of cd. Which also can't be removed by purification pot. I already mentioned those MCS control skill which also can be removed by elfs using purification pots.
  2. Why not worthy? All Mcs max those particular skill can also be removed when elfs use the purification pots. We don't leave those skill at 1/5 or 1/4. Elfs classes most of them have 100% stun skills where as Mcs stuns most of them are chance based. Elfs use purification pots well vs mc stuns skill in arena if you don't know well. If you want to remove shaman blind with purification pot then we want to do the same with rangers blind skill. Elf can use purification pots when they are under "Earth quake" de-buff to remove the control which is used by a shaman. Rouges "kick in the back" which is very important skill can also be removed by the purification pot and they have chance based stun skill and combo. Barbarian same with chance based stun skills. If u say hunter have 100% stun in basic skill which also can be blocked by the opponent where as Warden stun is 100% and there is no chance to block the stun by the other mc classes. Most of the blade dancers rush with max resist and they remove the dk base stun just by that purification pot also the dk curse skill and the important silence skill in arena , which makes the player more easy to kill a dk. There are so many mc stun/control skills can also be removed by elfs using purification pots. (Without including de-buff skills)
  3. Barbarians Roar reduces 80% of the enemies total damage!!! Wow awesome. I would suggest to nerf , if it is true. No need such an op skill. Imagine a bd damage is 1500(base) and a barb uses roar (80% damage reduction) to reduce his damage to 300 damage Normally a full PvP bd hits barb like 1-1.2k even under the roar de-buff effect with power of the blades skill(passive skill) and they lose nothing to use that skill. Actually mam there is a correction , the barb stone skill reduces 80% of the enemies incoming damage and not the roar skill. That stone skill doesn't stay long like wardens perma stone skill. Players already counter the stone skill with Retribution skill in weapons or by doing dot damage Skills , which makes enemies to kill a barb more easily like a free hits. Also stone skill stack only 2x with 6seconds cd for each stone skin buff stacks after it gets removed or the barbarian need to block hits of the enemy to get one , which is impossible. Still a barbarian die faster while they fight a blade dancer or other classes. When I check the map2 war results , elfs still dominate in most of the servers. If all say charmer dogs is an issue , Druids could do the same with cd build and accessories by summoning 4-5 minions. Actually elfs hates Mcs much in real and they trash talk by logging thier low lvls. We don't hate any of the sentinel thou. If you speak for both side is good to all players. Those aren't considered as a huge disadvantage while comparing with huge damage receiving while using some particular skills in mc side Templars mantra is very useful in map2 flag war , to reach near the flag and throw away all the players by using reserve flow skill . Its also very useful in arena to evade hits for a period of time and gets full heal back. Rangers can on/off the buff depends on the situation (wars , arena and gvgs etc) just by one click , it isn't a huge issue for them to do. They can be buffed on some skills after the Re-work process. Stopped , Silenced and stunned? Their resist skill isn't even much efficient and doesn't works all the time. Cheiftain only have one aoe skill name "Thrashing" which can stop only 6 players for 6 seconds if the user max that skill and cheiftains only reliable defence skill is rugged hide. A Cheiftain will be nuked even more faster without that skill. So that skill is fine to save themselves. They aren't a berserk with just 2 massive damage skill , physical damage cheiftains may do massive damage but on the other hand , they heal very low and do very low magical damage. So their vulnerability comes here and they can kited by most of the classes in arena. Yeah I agree , even some players used to do Olympics activities like long jump , high jump , double jump and triple jump in an arena mode. More Funny! I wish Devs will remove every castle stuffs(including pots , scrolls and castle buffs) in arena mode. So it will be more fair. Btw those aren't Stun skills which are removed by purification pot , can say controlling or de-buff skill. There are many Main de-buff skills in Mc side which also got removed by elfs using purification pot. Death knight skills Base de-buff skill Dk silence skill Knight curse Necromancer skills Deadly eye Mental pit Deadly infection Fateful connection Warlock skills Warlock silence skill Dark seal Grimore Fading Barbarian skills Roar Scream of fury Shaman skills Earth quake Weakness totem Hunter skills Hunters silence Defense reduction skill Rogue skill Gogue Kick in the back Poison blades Sinister strike Cheiftain skills Thrashing Movement reduction skill These above mc skills can also be removed by purification pots and players max these skills for arena/war situation.
  4. Hi Can you clarify what exactly involves in proof of account sharing ? Please don't quote the EULA rules. Kindly tell us as we're aware of so many account sharers in general. Also it's a mythical thing to get proof if the user(who share account) is from elf side and I'm from mc side.
  5. I wish Devs look after this more for those who share account for arena ranks and the weekly Dg rating reward.(when there was a costume or book in the weekly rating) Last year one seeker share account with 6 different people and did 1k+ myth runs in a week for the book reward. All I did was 500 myth runs only by myself during quarrentine time and didn't receive any book. Also devs need to ban those VPN users , who used to buy mcoins very cheap.
  6. Well you should try some mc class too and I had been played a bd for pve , I finish my quests more faster than my barbarian and rogue. A bd can use hurricane strike without sacrificing anything and gets 7% speed and cd at 1/4 for some time. A Barbarian uses Berserk power , when the skill is at 1/4 gives 7% speed and penetration , sounds both same and good but why need to sacrifice 30% hp and allows enemies to do 30% more damage on the barbarian for that? This same in Rogues when they use frenzy at 1/4 , allows enemies to do 25% more damage on them I don't see any elf class have such disadvantages while using skills , hope they Re-work on these skills sooner. You want bds to damage without hitting enemies? Well as like the people told "Sentinels need easy wins vs legions" and they think need more buff for them. Druids can even spam 3-4 minions and they can win too. I didn't mention druid minion as an aoe controlling skill , I think u never played the druid class. The tornado and punitive roots aoe damage can do aoe control + damage on enemies. I agree with nerfing bd and paladin , I appose when someone told Shaman heals more than Druid in the above post. Maybe you didn't see clearly that people talk about nerfing Rangers , seekers and mages. Those clases can get some buff by the re-work of skills. Nah I disagree with that , every classes doesnt have thier own PvP build , u need to lvl up other skills in order to win the enemies. Some shamans max fire totem and some won't , it depends on the users play style and his wish to use points in the skill which he likes. As I see elf skills free to use and better at 1/4 than Mcs skill like berserk power and the rogues Frenzy skill Rogues and Cheiftain need nerf? Rogues just die in few hits and Cheiftain as well. Charmer is very good now with new aoe damage by dogs and there is nothing to nerf. They were being a huge useless class for years and now they had been got a good update so far. Cheiftain aren't same like bd and they don't do truck damage if he doesn't have physical damage build. It's just a 0 stun class which can be kited by almost all class in Warspear. The only things they can do damage is only by dd Skills and rogues same as well. Almost all damage class in elfs have "Auto hit" damage skill which are very op and a fine thing. There is nothing to nerf in Cheiftain rather than buffing them in some skills.
  7. I think there is nothing to buff in elf side since everything good for them Do u want Dev's to buff a bd more? Still not enough with 2x resist skills? Give them a Heal DD so it looks more broken and funny thing is heal DD can be applied directly which all elf need things in a simple way. Rogues need do a combo to get heal + extra stun with Poison blades. The poison blades duration is too low and if any elf control a rogue then the combo can't be performed. "Tank Class" Blade Dancer can do more damage or equal to a ranger and seeker. Why can't a damage class (Rogue) can be tanky? Well Rogues aren't good in damage compared to other elf classes ranger or seeker. 3x dodge buff will good if they bring back instead of kick skill. Kick skill is irrelevant and can be resisted by the enemies. A shaman doesn't have any stun skill in expert build and the sentinels already have everything. A bd with Octopus book is more broken than any other class use that book in game. No one could defeat them , they just win opponents easily. Even without that book. Elfs are populated much in majority of the servers and they can buff elf classes after nerfing those particular op skills which 6x times better than the mc skills. I don't say buff mc fully and nerf elf side totally , we all want a fair game play. Need a balanced skill Re-work. Rogues need do the same for heal and for seekers it's more easy to apply bleed effect just by one hit than a rogue must perform stun combo with poison blades.
  8. Run wild for long time?Doesn't make any sense , Rangers blind skill is wild which makes u move far away from your partner in arena where as shaman blind skill makes u move around him or in a random direction.(Doesn't makes you move far from your partner) Druids root does the same which casts root for a long time , which can be cycled with the stun combo. As I said , heal totem is an aoe heal skill which can be counter by most of the elf classes. The cleansing skill of sham doesn't save anyone Instantly and the buff stay on only for 8 seconds. It heals only 400heal points every 2 seconds and that doesn't save anyone instantly in arena point of view and in war it is limited. Critical damage and Critical healing are different , don't confuse youself with that. The critical damage is only for pve purpose and it doesn't do anything in war area. Attack speed buff no shaman will max that for arena purpose , it's only good for pve. Ofcourse you will get 2hits from a fire totem if you don't wear arena gears. Imagine a rogue have 50% Resilience but still he dies by 3-4 hits from a bd. Shamans weakness totem is a trash skill too and they just use it to de-buff bds resist skill and it doesn't reduce penetration for a long time , still elfs can hit hard. Also alot of elf classes have accuracy buff so elfs hits won't get dodge even a single hit. I have a better suggession for the weakness totem re-work. The skill should reduce Critical hit , Penetration and attacking speed of the enemy instead of accuracy. I wish there will a swap skill rework like Rogues get that Bds resist buff and bds gets one more dd skill instead. This rework sounds fair enough. Else Let rogues have dodge buff which can be stacked 3x max and each dodge buff should get stacked for every 5seconds while the enemy removes it with each auto hit. This sounds fair comparing with bd resist skill. Ofcourse healing and running only wins the game , elfs do that most of the time with paladins immortal shield skills and druids immortal heal skills. If I were a Paladin , I would go full magical damage build and max all magical damage skills including banner and kill mcs faster than a Dk. Druids also have decent aoe damage skill but no one max them as I see because all they need is to heal and run for a win as you mentioned above. Shamans spend points 4/4 to make that fire totem better also the skill do only damage with 0 stun but why don't the druids do the same? Their aoe damage can also control enemies for a period of time. All elf users do the same mistake and moving forum for skill rebalance doesn't make any sense. The mistake all they do is following the same skill build , never maxing other skill in which they think those are trash. Mcs side each player have their unique build and they don't max anything particularly for arena like elf do it always. Elfs only know heal , stun and run. They exclude to max thier DD skills and they think those skill are trash. Trash skill are only found in MCS side , even 1/4 useless Ancestors Hand skill Shaman Hp buff skill Berserk power Warcry Absolute Reflexes Rogues Frenzy Necros rain+poison trash heal combo (doesn't gets time to fullfil the heal skill) Charmers Otherworld fire(A trash chance based stun skill with low aoe damage) Hope devs buff these skills during Skil rework and nerf those elfs op heal and shield skill which are 6x8x times better than the Mcs skills. Also the Bd high damage need a nerf too.
  9. I never played elf side and I agree but By comparing Druids heal with shaman , druids can save anyone under 1k hp and they have multiple heal skills , which can heal upto 3-4k normally and full hp if the partner uses heal pot. On the other hand , shaman have a trash shield skill called "ANCESTORS HAND" even if u make it 4/4 will absorbs only 1k hp and a paladin shield absorbs 125% of the paladins hp.(Which is 8X times better than the Ancestors hand skill approximately) Important thing is druid with Orcinus book can make halo skill(new skill) appear 4x on himself or his/her partner just by 1 time applying the skill and after that the skill will be recharged soon to Re-use without any delay of time. So the druid or his partner won't die in arena. Cheiftain and shaman only have 1 base aoe controlling skills which have limits and a dead class necro have acid rain. Actually all classes in mc doesn't have aoe controlling skill and in elf side alot of classes have a better aoe controlling skill. Cheiftain have 0 stun and all they can do kite elfs, buff up and repeat , comparing to bds they do low damage. 1 . Shaman One Base heal skill same like druid and one aoe damage + trash controlling effect for few seconds Another heal skill is heal totem which isn't a instant heal and most of the elf class can counter by using pull skills One more heal skill!! Oh wait that's not a heal skill , it's just an another trash skill which increase hp buff 1k if 4/4 and 250 if 1/4 So shaman only have 2 heal skills 2. Druid Base heal normal like shaman and a 1 target control skill , then the dps reduction skill. Like 4x expert heal skills , which can do better heal even 1/4 and 3 "AOE CONTROLLING" skills which can stop alot of enemies and damage them badly. So druid have 5 heal skills totally with 3 aoe controlling skills.
  10. Seekers have 2x auto hit damage skill + they can do high area damage just by each auto hit than charmers dogs do. Also they can nuke charmer dogs in 1hit and gets heal up by Bloodthirsty skill + Life steal skill in accessories.
  11. This above sentence is irrelevant. Barbarians only have 2 stun skills , which are 75% chance based , only if the user max those skills. Charge skill only can stun an enemy for 3.5seconds , with castle relics can say 4seconds. (only if the stun de-buff is worked by chance) With this stun build , we can't perma stun any elf char and the enemy who fights a barbarian has turns to use skills. Imagine a fight with bd vs Rogues & Necro. They just instant die Or they don't get thier turns to use skills. Blade dancers can perma control any classes and even if thier "Rush" aoe stun fails , they can use SAP(reduces 33% damage and 45% dps) , Hamstring (100% control skill for 4 seconds with high chop damage) , power of the blades ( 40% auto hit damage , can kill any high resilience rogues in 3-4hits) and finally the resist skill.( which can be used again faster with thier cd skill) Hamstring is being a good skill compared to the trash Chop skill of a Barbarian. I do agree for removing the usage of castle pots , castle buffs and castle scrolls in arena mode. Which makes the gameplay more fair. Charmer is being an useless class since they introduce in the beginning and no one used to invite charmer for anything , they were being a betrayed class forever. Now alot of people use charmers because they can do high damage in dgs similar to Bd , seekers and rangers. Nerf Bd damage and paladin sacred shield before nerfing Charmer dogs damage and warlocks stun skills.
  12. Shaman totem doesn't heal that much like you think and comparing with druid heal skills are much better than shaman heal skills. Druids can save anyone instantly like pala shields do and the hp becomes full in few seconds. Shaman have trash pull shield in which Dev's doesn't care about that skill and that skill if 4/4 absorbs only 1k damage totally. No Mcs cant save any player instantly except locks save thier own ass with the stone body skill. I do even delete my rogue thou not worth for using in PvP & Pve... Something must be reworked in rogue skill and make them better in pvp and pve as well. I have a suggestion which all rogue users likes the most. Absolute Reflexion skill must stack dodge buffs 3x max stack , if the skill is 4/4 . Every 5 seconds 1x dodge buff should stack on rogues and the kick skill can be nerfed instead.. The dodge buff will help rogues to dodge enemies hit 100% and this skill will make a huge balance while PvP a Bd.
  13. Yeah I agree Even barbarians weak without books and slow. Any casters class can kill a Dk or Barb easily. Just Blade dancer is a problem with alot of control skills.
  14. Why people act like a bunch of kids? To get attention? Themercs say all quit but still people got paranoid by arena. You guys can't win merman with 4 guilds in 1 and still lose? That's why acting much here? The topic is like "Stop crying" with other sides. Themercs greediness made people to move sides and seems like they acting much but when they win war , they act like the game is balanced. Now mc side have only 2 globes and 2 tele skills but elf side have 4 globes and 4 tele but still cry about wars and allies?
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