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  1. Lwn

    Charmer unbalanced

    Stealth skill is an one time use and in PvP can't use even 1 time vs bd unless bd gouged. But it's impossible to do. All bds maxed resist and Rogues stun skill became useless or they use just to remove bds Resist buff. Even after resist buff over , they have another resist by "Rush" skill then they can cycle the resist buff skill again Also +10 bds hit 60% resil rogues 1.2k-1.3k and rogues just die by 4x auto hits.
  2. Lwn

    Charmer unbalanced

    Rogues elusive jump skill have 14seconds cd and idk how dumb u compare it with bd auto damage skill which is endless. Bds do more damage with alot of control skills. Rogues doesnt do an impact on bds with that skill. Charmer is a betrayed class in every category even in arena after stun skill nerf. Now people feel happy to lvl up and play charmers for pve purpose Charmers sacrifice every skill points , relics with cd build to create more minions and a PvP charmer cant spam more than 2 dogs If there will be nerf still for charmers then give them paladins sacred shield , which should support the players and must absorb same amount of damage like paladins shield skill.
  3. Lwn

    Charmer unbalanced

    This guy is very biased. When Mountain clans lose with 100 people who fights 200 elfs and the elfs had 3x guild tele , globe etc. This isn't a fair fight for allowing all guilds can use guild skills. Now when we had a fair amount of people to win , he starts to cry about charmers and necros. @lalloussZeus used bugs for own benefits (Rottung farm by using lvl 1 chars) and earned 45million game gold , but he still didn't get a permanent ban. Other players who use mcoins to earn game gold are stupids? All elf skills are already over powered and unique: 1. Blade dancer have high dmg than any other class in game with 40% auto hit , perma resist combo and control skills. 2. Rangers have 3x stun skills and 2x control skills and they can control enemies better than locks. 3. Druids heal skills are massive and they can save any elf instantly 4. Paladins Sacred shield skill can absorbs alot of damage and the shield can be cycled faster. 5. Templars Reserve flow skill can pull more than 9 enemies. I don't see any of these related skill that are in Mcs Why elfs need all Mcs skills? But mc doesnt get anything like this? You have your own unique skills and we have ours.
  4. I agree with this post need to remove Templars skill under blessing which pushes players away Necro skill "Acid rain" does 0 dmg when he/she use that skill under blessing and it doesn't affects the enemy player while walking
  5. Yes , Merman event 1st stage need a fair rework
  6. If a chieftain enters inside the Merman gvg after event start with "Wolf Alacrity" buff , that buff will be removed automatically. This issue is already fixed with spring event and I dont know why people making useless topic for nerfing Chieftains more.... I hope the Merman gvg 1st will be like getting points only by killing the opponents and crown area must be re-worked like only commander can enter and take by fighting with opponent commander 1vs1 (Without any castle buff , war buff, pots , scroll and castle heal pot , If they used before it should be removed after he/she enter the crown area). This will be more interesting as a gvg and people no need bother who gets the crown first for a win.
  7. Chieftain needs an aoe stun skill and the dps skill is worst with 20% speed. Resist skill is a joke with 6seconds duration , give us a 100% resist buff with the decent duration of time.
  8. Nerf Bd skill "Power of the blades" like 3x damage stack and bd should Re-use that skill like chieftains do to get the damage buff. When chieftains use 2x 1h maces , they should get both speed and pene buff as well as damage buff while they using 2h weapons.
  9. Remove the resist buff from bds rush skill or give the same resist mechanism for chieftians.
  10. You sound like keep arguing with me and not finding solution for the topic. I do use coins and my blades are +9 +10 no need to abuse me. I don't use rogue for pvp but they need a good solution and can nerf the kick skill if they bring back the old reflexes skill. That's the old mechanim which had been nerfed in few days
  11. Bd is a broken class and rogue is a balanced class ? People disagree about the negative accuracy of the kick skill and it can be nerfed. Sometimes rogues can't use that kick skill if enemy full controls you or he use resist to avoid it . So I suggest the old reflexes skill which will be a proper passive defence mechanism for rogues , that's my opinion. I have a full amp rogue and I use it for pve purpose . Sap reduces 35% speed and some % of the damage which makes the rogues speed useless . It's like reducing half of the rogues damage . This makes the bd users much easy to kill rogues. I mean Dot skill can affect the rogues HP but it shouldn't remove the dodge buff of rogue by the old reflexes skill. Read up clearly about the mechanism. Dot skill is mostly a non-accuracy based skill like Retribution skill , dk(death call) , necros (poison , rain) , mage(area fire damage) and druid(aoe root).
  12. Rogues new Reflexes skill mechanism is bad. Even if a rogue lvl up that skill 4/4 , they are forced to put dodge Rune in rings and weapons. A max dodging rogue doesn't get a skill trigger by that skill everytime. So they are forced to put points in the skill Kick in the back. During war time , rogues can't depend on that skill kick in the back and they need a proper defence mechanism. Rogues still die fast with that reflexes skill and a bd have 2x 100% resist skills with good number of control skill (hamstring , sap and area stun). So I suggest rogue must have the same defence mechanism with 3x dodge stack buff and it must stack dodge buff for every 5seconds same like the barb stone skin mechanism. Then the hit gets dodged 100% (without counting dot skill of the enemy) Those necros or priest shield will be disappeared after 2-3 normal hits even if they have it 5/5 and that shield only can be applied on one person at a time. So the paladins shield can be re-worked like this , paladin can only use shield on the ally/person and the pala user shouldn't get a shield for himself even if the skill is lvled up to 4/4. I think this mechanism is balanced. Shamans Ancestors hand skill just absorbs 200damage if the skill is 1/4 and even if the skill 4/4 , it just absorbs like 1k damage more useless compared to elfs shield skills
  13. Paladins already have 2x heal with a combo heal on expert skill and they don't need a op shield which absorbs 4dd skills and several auto hits , even if the paladins HP had been reduced they can shield back fast and regain the full hp by those heal skills. No other mc classes have a shield like this. Even necros and priest skill are same which absorbs damage depends the points that we spend . Banner damage really isn't a nerf , they just changed from 4 yards to 3 yards. I wish shamans gets a shield like this hope they rework that Ancestors hand skill back same like paladins shield. Anyways hope rogues get back the old Reflex skill and they can nerf kick in the back skill instead of it. That will be a good balancing of skills for rogues compared to the sentinels.
  14. Paladins never lvl up any magical damage skill , that's why u see low damage on enemies. They all just follow the same build 4/4 sacred shield , 4/4 prayer etc. Paladins shield strike is same as Barb shield strike and no paladins puts the points on those and it stuns longer. Paladins shield can be re-worked like guild patron shield which absorbs 3-4k damage and if u compare a magical damage dk they sacrifice physical dmg skill for only 2 magical damage expert skills. It's a same thing that you need to sacrifice some skills depends on your build.
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