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  1. Everyone knows Sentinels has the best PvP and Pve class in game and i don't know why u crying about hunters and their skills. Hunters poison skill damage isn't huge comparing with Rangers damage skill which they don't max. Rangers fire arrow skill does the same damage under globe and rangers deal alot of damage by that swap. Rangers also can spam Revengeful shot which has bleeding de-buff works same like hunters poison skill. This skill very effective at flag war so nerf this too and it also enhanced by new talent tree skill. Devs still didn't nerf whirlwind skill of the Templar which no need click on flag in-order to deal damage , it's easy to spam comparing with other classes need to search the flag in crowd to deal damage and it's almost been 2 years they didn't fix the bug which Templars orb works under guild blessing skill. @Holmes
  2. Templars whirlwind skill automatically hits the flag from far range and they no need to touch the flag in-order to deal damage. Even rangers can do the same with fire arrow skill but idk why you asking for the nerf. It's much unfair when Sentinels have 5 pull/push skills from each class and in that 2 skill can't be resisted. (Warden's swap skill & Paladins Repellent strike) Its been 2 years devs doesn't care about this. Templars and Blade dancers can reach near the flag easily with their mantra and the resist skill and deal damage without touching the flag. Sentinels just using mages in different devices like a street lights at each cross and they no need to use any skills in-order to stop rogues away from the flag but legions doesn't have any skills like that. It seems more "unpair" now that legion hero's can't even reach the flag compared to elf hero's.
  3. Aren't the Devs fix that in a day? Death knights can caste the spell directly like how paladins put the banner. The bug already fixed when you teleport somewhere , the de-buffs will be removed. Death knight isn't a damage class or a support class and they are weak even by their defence part. Only good damage skill they have is Knight curse which is already nerfed by last update and other skills aren't worthy to use. Paladins have time to caste their skills and put the shield but a Chieftain can't do that , they just die in 1 second comparing to Paladins. Paladins have 3-4 second minimum time to survive even if there are 100mcs defend during flag wars. So it's better to let a dk Knight curse skill damage work on flag than Chieftains. Yeah right and Death knight same as well , so it's fair to make Knight curse skill damage works on flag , Doors and cave doors etc.
  4. Yeah let Devs make Paladins banner same like Shaman totem so it will be more fair. Both aren't aoe skills , should be a target based skill. It must affect only those who hit Shaman/Paladin or when enemies involve in their fight.(Maximum number of target is 6 is 4/4) Mage aoe fire skill works well , just the de-buff doesn't work. Mage aoe skill does 6x damage at first part and 6x fire de-buff damage in 2nd part , flag just ignores the 2nd part. Still it damage the flag when a mage uses it.
  5. All Elfs aoe skills can hit the flag without clicking on the flag and idk why u specify we want 4 different class aoe skills to do the thing. Lets make all aoe skills to be disabled to hit the flag so players will Target the flag instead of using skills in nearby area of the flag. Mage fire aoe does more damage on the flag now and they no need to auto hit the flag to make their aoe work and paladins as well. But a Shaman must do an auto hit on flag which makes the fire totem to hit the flag , unfortunately they won't get the time and hp to do that. I wish Paladins banner must work same like Shaman fire totem during . @Holmes Chieftains are damage class and they die instantly when they spam life scrolls near elf flag but Paladins have enough time to spam the skill and no need to do auto hit on flag to make the aoe skill work. I wish can let the Death knight Curse skill damage works on flag instead of Chieftain swooping army skill sounds a bit balanced.
  6. Well that Curse skill bug was fixed in a day and 2 wars(1week) over , still they doesn't fixed the lag issue. Wardens pull always works even under resist , you can test that skill from your side and Paladins repellent strike pull away players 100% too. Oh that's a lvl 1 char info By the way , Warlocks Circle 5/5 stops only 7 players now even with relic and if any enemy player dead in that circle , it won't count the another enemy player who steps on the circle. Templars flow skill pulls away 9 players with relic and it counts another 9 new players who steps on the orb. So how both skills are same? Its like 1 Templar = 2 warlocks.
  7. Warlocks Circle cd is 20 seconds where as Templars reserve flow cd is like 10 seconds. Let's make the reserve flow skill to 20 seconds same like warlock Circle skill. If Devs change this , then you can say both classes have same skill types which does the same thing.(Crowd control) It's very funny they nerf Warlocks circle skill even more worse. Now the skill at 5/5 lvl only stops 4.5 enemies , I really don't know what that 0.5 represents where as Templars orb can pull away 9 enemies with relic at a time. I really feel bad for those Warlock users still play the game or i wonder no lock users spend much coins in game so devs doesn't care. Also make Death knight curse damage the flag same like Paladins banner since there is no tank class have proper aoe damage skill from the Legions side. We don't ask to ban or nerf the Paladins banner which damages the flag and Death knights curse skill must damage the flag. So there will be more balanced from both the sides. You know sentinels have 2 special pull skills even it works under 100% resist. Well they are Paladins Repellent strike and the wardens pull skill. Devs abuse the meaning of resist in these skill. @Holmes They wont fix these things thou but if any anything found bug from legions side , it will be fixed within 1 day whereas they take 1 year to fix the bug from Sentinels side. By the way , the words you use in this topic like "You too slow" and "you to lazy" doesn't make any sense for those who read the topic. It's like you tease the players here , so mind your words next time. Also the lag issue need to be fixed and I'm sure it's not same like guild tele lag issue which makes glitches in game. Even Sentinels have 0 advantage too if u say so , we need a tank class to damage the flag just by clicking nearby area of the flag rather than clicking in the flag. If u say we have chieftains , they die too fast before they use the skill so we still have 0 advantage and sentinels have advantage by Paladins. You can send Paladins to attack and we don't ask to send mages to attack the flag.
  8. Paladins and Chieftains almost does same amount of magical damage and as a tank class it's too much more for Paladins. Devs need to fix the knights curse skill to damage the flag. Well you abuse the bug everytime for a win and farming which doesn't mean we didn't attack the flag when there is a heavy lag issues.
  9. Death knights Curse skill still doesn't affect on flag and can't use on flag if u don't know and from elfs side any other class aoe skill can't affects the flag? Paladins , Chieftains can have same magical damage and they can do same magical damage depends on the level of the skill. I don't know why you say Chieftain magical damage is better than Paladins banner when they can do 8k damage on flag in one use.
  10. Still players gets lag by the Paladins banner , no use doing that. Everyone do turn off their dmg , heal & guild info before war starts for defending the flag. Everyone do that including me before war starts but still no use. All gets lag and skill delay while defending the flag. 2 maces doesn't do much damage like before and Dev's nerf it already. 2hand magical weapon more popular now with better magical damage and Paladins banner cover extra area comparing to swoop army of the Chieftain aoe skill. Chieftain aoe skill damage counts only at the selected area.
  11. If any guild use guild tele on flag , there won't be any lag issues actually. The lag from paladins banner and the guild tele screen glitch issue aren't same.Paladins banner does 5-6seconds game lag for all players who participate in war and many of them told themselves.
  12. Why you guys don't look after this problem? But fixed Death knight Curse skill fixed in 2 days? Death knight curse skill does 0 damage on flag still and Paladins banner from 5 yards hits the flag easily. Much unfair game play for Legions.
  13. I see alot of complains only from the warlock users about the skill Re-balance post. Base skill with 20secounds cd is horrible and most of the class have different skill but they all used for the same purpose(Crowd control skill) with 10-12 seconds in cd. Hope devs do a fair Re-work in this class and lock users aren't asking to buff their skills , just need a satisfication by playing this class and investing the points in the right skills.
  14. You didn't mention some skills at elf side but highlighted them at mc skills which can't be removed by purification pots. Skills which can't be removed by purification pots Sentinels Blade dancer(rush) Ranger(2x stun , 1blind skill) Druids(sleep aoe , aoe stun combo , tornado) Warden(stun , shield stun) Paladin(jump stun, repellent strike) Seeker(Stun , net) Templar(punch , flow) Mage(aoe stun) Legions Barbarian (charge , shield) Rogues(gogue , stun) Shaman(blind) Hunters(fear , stun) Death knight(expert stun skill only 1) Warlock(Circle , fear) Charmer (stone , 2x stun) Necromancer(sleep , fear) As I see both part looks almost same and I don't see any 80% of the skills that are removed by legions using purification pots. I didnt mention the skill level of the defeat skill and players won't put points in it , if you didn't read it. By 1/4 it does 100 extra damage. 4/4 it does double damage but elf classes no need any interaction skill to do such damage. Templars skill already does double damage without any interaction of the skills. Wow you were explaining everything clearly and now you mention charmer stone as stun skill. Oh you told Barb roar reduce 80% of the damage in one post. Weakness zone can be removed by purification and once if it gets removed , the zone won't affect you again. Charmers and Templars are almost same and these class are designed to change the game experience totally different but charmer doesn't have anything much to control a whole crowd , the Templars can control the crowd well. That one video doesn't mean the rogues and locks are over powered and you should hear from players point of view. I saw alot of videos that a greatness Blade dancer kills a greatness locks easily or without any blood shed. The amount of control skills where a warlock has that are equal to some classes at the sentinels side. Let Devs make mages shattered stone skill cd to 20secounds , so this class doesn't suffered any major nerf thou. So we have a fair skill balance by sentinel and legions side.
  15. Do you even think Chop skill of a Barbarian does high damage and it's equal to the Hamstring skill of a blade dancer? Ofcourse no. Reality is it does only 1/3 of the total hamstring damage and players ignores to use it. Chop interact with only defeat skill if you don't know and it improves only 100 damage points only and a 1 yard useless low damage aoe. Oh that's an op interaction damage. A blade dance can do it free without any interaction skill by using sonic skill. I can mention there are many stun & heal interaction skill in which Elfs have too. Well I already answer that post earlier and you keep saying the same thing. I can say too +6+7 mages , Templars , blade dancers , seekers kills alot of full greatness mc classes too.
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