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  1. @Nolan @Holmes please give me some of your time and please read this post it’s literally what all rogue players think about. Please forward these requests and suggestions to developers. Thank you
  2. It’s nothing bro, dodge is a chance based skill unlike the rugged hide. These days most players and mobs have lots of accuracy. Which even reduces the dodge chance.
  3. Pala has shield, where is the shield for dk according to ur logic
  4. Rogue too lol they made stun build un usable now dodge build too
  5. In my opinion there was no reason to reduce the timing of this honestly.
  6. I totally agree rogues and seekers are assassins. But trust me this scenario can go sideways for the following reasons; 1. CC of enemy 2. DETECTION POT 3. Long ranged control with detection pot 4. The player controlling the rogue before the player dies
  7. Dodge is not as sacred as you think dodge can easily be countered, but I just don’t want to disclose how because my enemies are watching too
  8. These points were made since people shouldn’t assume rogues are 100% undefeatable in 1v1 and arena situations and are not doing 100% EXCELLENT in PVE. When people start assuming that, they will come to a conclusion that every character cannot have every aspect of the game. By acknowledging that rogues have major weaknesses even in the place they are supposed to outplay other characters is why they need some love in GVG area. I hope I have cleared ur doubts. sorry if I have hurt anyone while expressing my thoughts.
  9. Bro did you really go through the entire thread? The author, other people, forum mod, house flies, mosquitoes, crows, dinosaurs and some other species on earth have agreed that; *ROGUES ARE GOOD IN 1v1 SITUATIONS,BUT ARE DEFEATABLE EVEN IN THAT SITUATION. *ROGUES ARE GOOD IN ARENA UNTIL DETECTION POT *ROGUES GVG SKILLS ARE NON EXISTENT *ROGUES NEED SOME BUFF IN GVG AS GUILDS ARE KICKING ROGUES IN EU EMERALD *ROGUE DOESNT HAVE TO BE AS GOOD AS BD OR ANY OTHER CLASS FOR THAT MATTER *ROGUE JUST NEED A SIMPLE PATCH IN GVG ASPECT OF THE GAME (don’t get scared already like @triggeredAF) *THAT GVG PATCH DOESN’T NEED TO BE VERY STRONG TOO, JUST A SMALL GVG COMPATIBLE CHANGE WILL GO A LONG WAY. bro even after this if u still keep repeating 60% dodge, 1skill win, negative accuracy etc I think you need English lessons. Just my opinion. P.S. While analyzing the skills of a class you have to take in consideration the environment it has. We have to take into consideration the skills of all other classes, since this is a mmorpg. So in my opinion it’s normal to compare the number of skills one side has and it’s strength.
  10. Yea that’s why they changed rogue skills so much despite the crying of some people
  11. I strongly disagree I myself is a decent rogue player maxed out, and I asked all top rogues in us saffire they face same issue when it comes to gvg. What good is a damage class which cannot realise its damage, just gets stunned and dies like a mosquito.
  12. Ur reply wasn't offensive or something but is misleading
  13. Bro have you ever played a rogue??? You sound like you don't even recognise the skills rogues have and just wanna nerf rogues because you can't Improve on yourself. Where as we are maxed rogues talking about true limitations of the character. Please don't spoil the usefulness of the forum. I see the forum as a place to communicate with the Devs. Ofcourse your opinion are welcome, but before speaking here I would request you to think what u speak.
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