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  1. I would say rogue needs more damage. With the right build even bd will out damage rogue.
  2. The rogue was lagging behind in PvP. And people talked about it long before 8.4 at the Russian community, and I even made a post under suggestions few months before this update. I think suggesting and requesting attention to a matter are far different from absurdly criticising" devs changed after people cried" . Anyway good luck fam, I hope the update will be a win win situation for all.
  3. Please don't humiliate the hard work of the devs. I believe they do things after analysing in a detailed manner. And this is not the final, only tomorrow we will know about the true skills that are going to be released.
  4. Please go through this thread to understand why people are asking for change
  5. Pls go through this post in order to understand why people are asking for change
  6. The new rogue skill is not a overkill at all. It might bring balance to the class and give it a chance to compete with other characters. Rogues aren't impossible to kill. It has become like other characters. This was my observation on the new skill. About the bd new skill, shaman can counter that with weakness totem but there are no other counter for it ATM I think.
  7. @Holmes thank you for helping all the people at forum. I request some of your time. I kindly request you to take a look at this thread please. This is not my personal opinion, but also the general opinion. Many people have already made posts on how rogue lag behind and this is not something new I believe. I hope the players suggestions are really implemented to the game, as it was said. Thank you very much if you have seen this mention of you. I hope a balance is brought to the rogue in the near future.
  8. Atleast Ranger is far better than rogue bro
  9. I have listed common problems faced by robber Exactly what I was looking for too And you are not alone brother
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