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  1. yeah that's what i feel in sea server, damage skills? sure
  2. tell me how many servers elf dominates? between don't compare cloth with light heavy user. bd can survive much on his own due to heavy gears
  3. Hi, is there limit on critical damage percentage?
  4. Please bring back pvp minions back in ap dealer, put useful NPCs which will help and not something people forget once they are done with it. Try introduce a castle in the new map or in map 2. Need more stories on the astral lab, outerworld! of course. make new high level kronus set gears. Please make a fair sided raid bosses where elf can take theirs, legion can take theirs. Please do introduce castle logs. introduce more better high level arena pots and scrolls. introduce pvp mace with speed. To avoid unnecessary pains, please try your best not to mix up pve with pvp. introduce new travel mechanism which helps you travel within towns inexchange for crimson conundrums (as most people don't use it on current npc), introduce new rewards in crimson conudrums dealer, arena shop and npcs just like in nadir but for higher level. please lower the cost of gears in map 1 and map 2, very illogical price for beginners, add boss ress timer and chat timer in chats. give a feature to cycle between your favorite ws soundtrack, PLEASE increase the limit of knowledge gained, also add knowledge in arena, please add more rank systems for guild ranks. I will suggest more when i remember, but for now last but not least, first fix the existing problems between factions of unfairness
  5. Bet they don't just use 3 DMG skills to dmg
  6. Dev don't seem to care, of course they favour 1 side
  7. First of all, the skill sucks real bad, it's slow af and the synchronization of the skill placement is even more worse, basically this skill needs a complete rework. why is this skill even here? IT'S SUCKS REAL BAD,
  8. Elf classes are always superior to the counterpart, what can i say
  9. Great my magic can solo this dungeon in 1 stam around 12-14 mins but sometimes I die at boss due to heavy damage constantly
  10. It happens with me too, gets stuck at connecting, other things work like browser but warspear doesn't
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