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  1. I figured it out. You need shield to activate all together. You need to equip shield as well
  2. I was active for well over 5 mins in my first character.
  3. This is happening after the update. I have 2 character in the same ID. I participated in the event with both character. One was active while other was inactive. Regardless of that before the update I did the same thing and received my rewards but this time I did the same thing and none of my character received anything at all. Not even my active one. I logged in to my main character while 9 seconds were remaining. And the event ended but I didn't receive anything nor buff not even on my second character.
  4. No I am two handed. I'll switch later after amping myself
  5. I'm DK lvl 20 now I bought few heroic equips and amp them to 5 on average. I have Golden helm and armour Greatness boots and berengar endurance gloves I felt something off while amping and noticed that my physical armour isn't quite right So I calculated my cloak, helm, armour, belt, boots and gloves on calculator and it showed that my armour should be 4722 while it is showing 3.8k. Plus this is without 15% physical defense guild skill boost. So why is this happening?? I checked others as well and they seem fine to me Edit: my phy defense should be 5430 with 15% included
  6. Dead? Not really! There are Phoenix, Zaun, Brazzers, RI, Devils Guild and more which are damn too active.
  7. I have no idea what's it saying in Russian language but gives a sad emoji and doesn't load. Is it closed or something? OMG don't close I got so much to do right now with the calculator. Tho, would be very helpful if it got every items listed but even so I can manage with old one too. Just please fix it fast :'(
  8. I got a book of oblivion as a gift and what expert skill should I buy? I currently got 120k gold and it's for lvl 20. By the way is health steal really important for me?
  9. Could you suggest me now. Just need to be a tank
  10. Please, suggest me a survival and good damage build Need to know which expert skill to buy. I need stun and health steal too Also please do mention some good relics Server : Sea Pearl Name : Urervenon (19) If you want I can give a ss of my armour and attributes. Thanks for reading.
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