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  1. Noobs leave the server, we have been in this barren land and playing for over years.
  2. Sea Pearl is for Pro Players
  3. can I see your build in the warspear calculator?
  4. thanks alot bro. do you recommend cd pvp set for warlock?
  5. Can you recommend relics as well?
  6. You can reach +10 on sea pearl with like 50 sets xD
  7. too bad, we don't have much active players for mermen dungeon. we even have the sea castle, yet very little people spams on it. won't be long before the castle goes back to the elf
  8. at least we don't work our ass off everyday, we can chill most of them time
  9. Need help in building a pvp warlock and honestly I have no idea how warlocks work with their skill, what I am looking for is a warlock who can stop masses of enemies in their track,
  10. all other servers are noob, come to sea pearl to taste the real game.
  11. Ahmed Didar


    The only solution is if they don't ban, keep using it also use it yourself too, I never bought mcoins in my life but someone getting x2 faster amps cuz he can get x2 mcoins while I spent a bullshit amount of years to get to that is definitely unfair.
  12. If you are dealing with pvp based character while you are pve you are supposed to take a beating anywhere. Invest in resistance stats maybe? There is only one way it can deal huge damage and that's by getting high % of critical stat otherwise it's shit
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