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  1. Edit: Mods please close this topic. I have resolved it by clicking on "Switch Profile" and re-entering the login information.
  2. Update: I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted my internet router to no avail. I’ve asked around my friends and all of them has no lag or difficulty logging in. I even got a person located in the same country as me to download Warspear and they were able to login perfectly fine - no issues. I suspect it’s just my account for some reason.
  3. Hi, I am currently experiencing a persistent lag abruptly. Game was working fine earlier. Right now, I am unable to even connect to the game/main screen (with the news pop-up). It takes a long time to enter the character selection screen and then just freezes at "Connecting..." when I select a character. I have tried both on PC with a LAN line, as well as using mobile phone data - same problem still persists. My other apps/sites/internet work as normal. Weirdly, other friends of mine are not experiencing this issue. ...And support is off till 10th Jan 202
  4. With the recent update to Chieftains' new experts, I have been pondering over the possibility of an Attack Speed Chieftain with Leather Armor for both PVP and PVE purposes. Would love to hear the thoughts of more experienced players here. Skill builds would be greatly appreciated too. Personally, I've been a full magic -> mixed damage Chieftain but wish to explore slightly out of the main meta. Any suggestions?
  5. Chieftain's new experts giving off an attack speed Seeker vibe. That aside, it would be pretty intimidating to see a 5/5 Blow of Spirits, 5/5 Wolf's Alacrity with the new 4/4 triple-line single target skill Chieftain charging at you during a war - knowing damn well that he could cleanse any CC debuffs on him. If built right, could easily pick off the softer classes/healers at the back of a war. Burst and repeat. A little bit of theory crafting here, but just my 2 cents!
  6. What do they mean by this? We have to clear the horror dungeons from the lowest to the highest? Any idea what the guaranteed rewards are? I have not seen anyone in my server mention about this.
  7. Thank you so much @Nolan! 🙂 P.S. What's the drop rate like for these new costumes? I've opened around 500 chests but only got Eclipse Envoy for part of the few newest ones. The rest are all older costumes.
  8. May I check what's the name of this costume? It's kind of frustrating that they don't list out the names and appearances of each costume (especially the newer ones) in the caches. I'm guessing it's Diabolik but am uncertain. Any clarifications would help!
  9. Are there some pictures to show what the mentioned costumes look like? Would help as there are 2 different caches. EDIT: I'm particularly interested in this outfit. Any admin or mods able to provide name of costume?
  10. Thanks for that @SplendorBR. However, I'm referring to in-game assets scam. Eg. Trade scam. There are no safety nets or punishment for the wrongdoers or a way to report such acts? Thank you.
  11. This may be a silly question here, but if someone has scammed another, and the victim has screenshot evidence of it, is there any avenue to seek redress? Not sure how the procedure and/or punishment works here. Thanks in advance for the reply!
  12. Amazing, thanks a lot for the detailed clarification! I'll drop a question here whenever I encounter any. 😄
  13. Ah okay, I see it now! So there are different parameters. May I check what are the criteria for an item to be "receiving" and "equipping" respectively? Plus their differences?
  14. Thank you! I have more or less figured it out, but just out of curiousity, how do I unbind an equipment to sell it? I see no option in both gear interface and Mcoin shop. 🙂
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