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    Metamorphine got a reaction from kishan_mage in [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1   
    Maybe 70% of players won't benefit from this update...sad indeed.
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    Metamorphine got a reaction from Urscrewed in [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1   
    Maybe 70% of players won't benefit from this update...sad indeed.
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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1   
    When I imagined guild castles, I imagined it as a place where guildmates can hang around, independent from guild level, strength, etc.
    Not like this... The top guild of each server will rule the whole thing. Sadly.
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    Metamorphine reacted to Trizzz in Whats the best magic class?   
    Yes necro is my main thats why I know how to play it. Sure, average player can play necro; effectivelly? Not everyone.
    The only thing I can agree with you is that this argue does not have sense. You call my opinion based only on necro playing, as I see you have opinion based only on shaman playing because you definitelly played necro wrong way.
    That's why explaining you everything "is a waste" you just want to show necro is useless class. Bu it's actually not.
    Ehh you just read without even thinking what I wanted to say.
    Do you really think I would use poison spittle +2x deathly eye + expert skill with every ocasion without even thinking of that. How retarded you need to be then?
    I just said it is effective while you CAN use that.
    Btw add that area dmg from you teammates dmg. If you will kill 2 ppl with 2,5k hp each one in 10 secs (which is easy for example with 2x rogue) the other 3 enemies get 750 dmg each and also they basically can't move because of many dmg received. (due all duration of skill)
    You made me laugh again if you think I use this combo without even teammates.
    lvl 3 shaman exper skill does more dmg than lvl 3 necro? If shaman is 1vmore ppl and necro too, yes it's better. But if u have teammates you can do more dmg with necro expert skill + use it more often.
    If you really think shaman expert skill make more dmg at 5v5 etc ya it should be end of our "discusion"
    Blessed gamer? Nope, I just try to show ppl a little different way to use necro. Unfortunetly ppl think like you. "necro is shit cuz he lost hp while heal&shield, noob expert skill - i can't just put shield and run; I need to place it at all enemies (which is not that easy btw)"
    I didn't say necro is the best, but also it's not that useless as u think.
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    Metamorphine reacted to Trizzz in Whats the best magic class?   
    Shaman is not better than necro, it's just easier to play that's why you think it's better - as a shaman you just put heal on yourself and that's all, on necro it's harder but more effective.
    Necro have only one stun but you can't attack while you "sleep" that's why it's better.
    You don't need to dmg your enemies while they "sleep", you can put shield, heal yourself and put 2x deathly eye.
    Actually necro have aoe and believe me it's not less effective then shaman's aoe. Mostly you play 5v5 (arena, dungeon, lab, even for solo hunting it's good), but if u compare all skills only to 1v1, you shouldn't play mmorpg.
    Necro have 3 dmg skills, poison spittle, effect from 2x deathly eye and expert skill. You know you can use expert skill then 2x deathly eye and then poison spittle (it's very good dmging combo to hit more than 1 enemy)
    Yes necro skills cost some % of your max hp, but necro is strong enough to don't look at it (if u have chose your gear right) and it's not really a big deal to complain about it.
    "Shaman expert skill > necro expert skill"
    Oh really?
    Shaman skill is just for one person, low % to get hit from this, necro have skill which can affect on large groups of enemies, with high 100% rate and high percentage at lvl 3. It's awesome in 5v5, dungeons, lab + wars. If u don't understand skill, that doesn't mean it's useless.
    "On norlant swamps, people respect shamans but dont respect necro. Even if it is 2v1 they will think twice before attacking a shaman on kotaravva."
    This actually made me laugh :lol:
    "Most people saying necro is better are narrow minded people like trizzz who doesnt even played other chars."

    Most people saying necro is better because they feel that it's better for them. If you just don't understand necro --> sure just play shaman. But it doesn't mean necro is weaker.
    Btw you don't know which classes I've played don't judge me too quickly.
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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in [2017.08.01] Restore characters deleted since 2014! Only during August!   
    I am not saying restoring characters should be free, but it's a fact that it might be a little... Too expensive...
    It costs 4000 Miracle Coins, which measured in the currency of my country is around 10000 HUF. That is nearly a monthly pocket money of mine (Still a student... Yes, I get pocket money). And it's not a little amount of money.
    So is it fair that I have to neglect things I love (chocolate, sweet drinks, going to cinema, etc.) for a month, just to be able to play with a character that I may have deleted for a reason I regretted since then? 
    Don't get me wrong, I personally have no characters to restore. I am not that stupid. I just wanted to make a living example how much 4000 Miracle Coins are 
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    Metamorphine reacted to rafa9876 in [2017.08.01] Restore characters deleted since 2014! Only during August!   
    If thats your main concern of unfairness... 
    I don't mind that features like this cost alot at all
    In fact i wouldnt mind if they increased the cost of everything cosmetic to decrease the price of everything else that is required to become stronger.
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    Metamorphine reacted to Lashabi in More RNG in Dungeons?   
    I like this suggestion...And i request to devs to make dgs  more worthy. After Spending 15-20 mins in a bone-breaking hard dg, people expect a well-deserved reward ( i know many won't agree with my comment , but it's a SUGGESTION only). Defs,pots can be obtained from the easy mode but in heroic we want something more worthy. For joining a pt for heroic needs good equips and experienced fingers ( we all know none of them can be achieved so easily ).
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    Metamorphine reacted to Pecleb in Mcoins   
    xd opening chest is cool and can get good drops, so often it's not a waste of money. I like opening chests as well and perhaps would spend all my mcoins in it if i had, but i would wait event chests and event offer.
    Also don't forget the few op things u can do with mcoins: like adding 1pocket for 1miracle coin on each of ur char, unbinding 1 item for 1 mcoin, and buying slots for books
    (if u have lvl 20 u want to keep lvl 20 for farm or arena for instance, buying some slots for expert skills who are nice at 1/4, like dmg skills for instance, is very op: mage barrier 3/3 and all dmg skills )
    If u want to make gold, well the best thing is to look at the gold/mcoin ratio of the items u can sell: in US elf for instance u can buy stalls 79mcoin and sell 7-8k, while if u buy signs during offer u buy 220mcoin and sell 13k.
    If u are patient buy items for wich the offers are rare and sell them like 3 days later, sometimes u can get more than 100g/mcoin on US elf.
    Last u can "sell mcoins" by selling any mshop item at fixed price like 80gold/mcoin (again US elf), it's often a good ratio and players are happy to buy anything in mshop that is usually expensive (and watch the usual price of what they buy so perhaps u can find good item to sell)
    good luck, on congratz on winning the contest!
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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in Post Your Drawings Here!   
    This is awesome! I like it very much!
    Nah, just look at my creations that I post. Have nothing to do with WS.
    I have something, too:
    Handmade album cover for Imagine Dragons's new album, Evolve!

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    Metamorphine reacted to Urscrewed in How to beat bladedancer?   
    #legit thumbnail
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    Metamorphine got a reaction from Omercix in Wierdest place you've ever played Warspear   
    Toilet dont judge me,its addicting and fun 
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    Metamorphine got a reaction from Speedom in [2017.07.24] The week of bounty, everyone!   
    Too bad i work in night shift this week so no time to dungeon,and since im low level i cant either. So i play with my girlfriend when i have time "questing mostly" but its nice anyway.
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    Metamorphine reacted to Carpetlick in [2017.07.24] Beauty contest Warspear Online 2017. Results.   
    So I didn't get paid to put my shirtless pic on the internet? There goes my porn career
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    Metamorphine reacted to Hamstring in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    Charmer can hand warden butts 
    But ya I think 1v1 is less of the concern as tanking large numbers of opponents is.. 
    And to think, warden is not 2 months old.. all players seeing how effective it is.. in war now with a small number of them it's some trouble but in the future when everyone has rushed out and created wardens? Seems like that could be problematic for legion ..
    Or it's simply that sentinel was gifted a class that excels defensively in war scenarios while legion was gifted the charmer stun machine to hold it and that we are in fact a bunch of whining nubs?
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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in Delina US sapphire   
    Here is a lol-lipop for you.

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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in Delina US sapphire   
    Ju min diz angle?

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    Metamorphine reacted to BennyBT in [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II   
    To be absolutely honest, I don't see any sense in this update. AT ALL.
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    Metamorphine reacted to Liidert in [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II   
    Make Warspear a better place for all players  without distinctions!
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    Metamorphine got a reaction from DaviINK in Arnye EU-Emerald   
    Its my first time i participate at any beauty contest  so here i am. 
    Name: Arnye
    Class: Necromancer  
    Level: 15 
    Realm: EU-EMERALD 

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    Metamorphine reacted to Khalitza in Damnking/debuya (us-sapphire)   
    I'm from indonesia. I play rogue (damnking) and necro (debuya) at us-sapphire servers. Talk to me if meet at game 
    Thanks, god bless you all 

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    Metamorphine reacted to Peter_Munk in Arnye EU-Emerald   
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    Metamorphine reacted to Lary Trindade in Ladydixon Br-Tourmaline   
    Nome: Ladydixon
    Classe: Necromante
    Nivel: 28
    Reino: Br-Tourmaline

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    Metamorphine got a reaction from Emery in Arnye EU-Emerald   
    Its my first time i participate at any beauty contest  so here i am. 
    Name: Arnye
    Class: Necromancer  
    Level: 15 
    Realm: EU-EMERALD 

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