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Post Your Drawings Here!

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I may post again!!! But I won't go off topic now. Here's my first actual paint drawing:

The dutch army *****.

polandball ftw :D



Hahaha  nice story  :good:  elusive jump insta kill :diablo:



Here's a drawing i did of a character from one of my favorite anime.



Nice drawing :) But i prefer the smiling luffy ;)


If you can name the weps they are using youll get a cookie. pm me uss saphire ;) either Mustardgas or Pbednetra one of them ;)

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am gonna guess a  rondel of sudden doom and a provocator's kris?

Actually you got doom rondel right. Congrats :D The other one was not designed to be a provocator's kris, but a blade of SD.... shouldve drawn a bit more accuratly


What are those two axes?

Tip: it's THE most common high lvl axe/axe wep

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It was like your acc, only without icon %) i cant rly remember


Are you sure that you have drawn that yourself ;);););););)



Of course I didn't draw it myself. It's a purffect troll face.


Took it from 9GAG ;)


Here is some of my awesome paint skills:

Basically a human dog wielding an ugly katana.


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I like your drawing style, its cool. Their most well known debuffs on each other and the small details like the bones on the necro and how the priest is leaning on the shield make the whole thing more animated, am a bit jelly : :


ps: My computer blocks cookies so i never received my virtual cookie last time <_< can i have another one?

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