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  1. Will there be the double Season Points week on Monday? I lost some during the month
  2. My main hero is a Bd and I still have difficult to find a party because they prefer Seekers, Mage and Rangers... This is not fair... all people want enjoing events...
  3. I prefered a boss alone in the last room instead of all of this...
  4. Well, boss keeps on stunning and about cocoons sometimes are hidden by mobs and boss. Too many spiders attack the party...
  5. The boss of horror dungeon is still to hard to kill even if you have a little bit nerfed. Yesterday I dead four times even if I were in a good party. I can understand that some people have mermen equipments and the dungeon has been studied for this, but not all people use those. Horror should be an funny event but personally talking I can't spend stams (and money) for losing in dungeon. Try to remove spiders or cocoons then, please.
  6. Somebody is posting on world chat messages about price of miracle coins with the real gold and a whatsapp number to buy them. Is this a sort of Phishing too? @Reivenorik I've taken a screenshot meanwhile
  7. You don't go either to sleep then, do you? Every single person should manage his time but clear for example all Pelion quests a player needs around 1 hour only if it is lucky but when there are three parties and farmers all together... My goodness, maybe the player should give up. Another example, I have two hours of my time to play this game. I have to take in consideration that I have to find a party (Warden are somewhat of legendary because you don't know where they are (Liidert's wisdom pearls)) then start to quest and clear all hoping that everything goes well! Many of my friends have left the game because they have found impossible earning little of gold to buy some items. I agree about the time manager amd everybody should have but if that means find farmers everywhere because they want as much gold as possible slowing your quests to do, well according to my own opinion it is quite hard go on in the game unless you don't play it for several hours every day. Ps: It's just an opinion and nothing else. I come in peace and I hope to have explained well (I'm still trying to improve my english. If there are some mistakes, sorry! )
  8. @Morgana Good for them, I don't know neither @Gladiator nor his guild but over-powered people hunts bosses without permit to questers to do their own quests and because of long time respawn we have to wait so long for a single quest. Work hard to grow up an hero standing 27/24h and 9/7 days in front a game screen for 4 years it's not my own business but we are tired when everytime we beg the farmer to let the questers kill the boss... We want earn gold too and we aren't lazy, we have a real life too and in this way we can't complete all quests because of little time to dedicate to the game. I'd like that developers decrease the respawn time to five minutes of all baits and bosses (Ayvo and Pelion) to let questers to do their own quests in peace. Thank you Ps: I'm not the leader of "Noob and Weak" but when I play the game everyday I read a lot of messages so this is the time to report here.
  9. I'm not agree with Glad, sorry. I'm not a mcoin user and I don't have an over-powered hero. Words like lazy in this context is unfair because people like to play a game and they don't consider it a job like many of them do (I still don't know how people stay in front of a game for 2 hours consecutively). Replying my opinion with "If this game is too much for you..." is an old phrase that makes angry not only me
  10. Espero tambien, pero no se si van a dejar asì como esta.... espero de no!
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