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  1. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Is it the same for a level 10 one too?
  2. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Yo lo espero por vosotros tambien 😉
  3. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Well, at begin I thought to max out it but I already have three of my good equipped heroes lvl28 and I wouldn't like to spend more gold for another hero. However I'll use it only for fun like arena and dungeons. I'm looking towards to see it good amplified (+7 each equip) and enchanted ready to break the first map even if it'll be hard to. This Seeker will be a sort of Liidert's mini version
  4. Four drops and only one is quite good
  5. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Probablemente sì, aunque creo que jugarè con seeker porquè ya he ponido el gran relic por el auto attacco , porquè ya es de nivel 10 y creo què serà divertido 😉
  6. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    @Speedom @UK I think you two have a Seeker, can you help me?
  7. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Probablemente la gente no sabe cual es el mejor y prefiere no contestar... soy triste por este
  8. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

  9. Liidert

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    Hello everybody! For fun I've made a Seeker and bought the great relic that consumes less mana on the auto attack skill (I don't remember the name). I keep it level 10 and I have all equips with % hp, a pair of kris, an horror amulet with hp amd I'll make cloak and rings. My seeker shield is 5/5 (+35% of attack if it reach 10 points) and damage skill 3/5. My question is: Is it good for both pvp and pve if well amplified (around +7)? Some of my friends adviced me that ranger is better because it has stun and Seekers don't. Thank you in advance!
  10. No way, even my druid with a decent party I can't finish it... It really disappoints me this event! Make these dungeons a bit more easier than before, please! People like me don't have over powered heroes
  11. Three times two staminas.... This is easy for OP heroes only One druid and one priest 😞
  12. I'm sorry Warspear's developers but I don't like this new dungeon because is both hard and long to finish in one run. I prefered the last year one sincerly...
  13. Mmmmmm..... Nothing new or exciting, however this is only my first impression!
  14. You know bro that sometimes people don't know what's the meaning of it but at the same time we can't pretend it from them. I told you once in the game that I don't care if you are rich with a over powered hero, I may respect you and you may do the same to me... I don't know what do you think about me or about other people. However I can't respect people who insult others for the wellness of a player or for something wrong during arena battles, quests....