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  1. I'm still guessing why people both go off for a lag during a dungeon and kick me when the party is full. I think this week is going to be worst for me... as always
  2. The scammer's unlucky day

    However that Pudiseness tried to scam my guildmate using the same trick...
  3. The scammer's unlucky day

    It happens to me too: instead to sell me two sets of signs, he tried to scam me selling me 11 pieces of them. Thinking that the exchange was completed with success, he left from game quickly... poor scammer For this reason we should pay attenction in every single exchange we do even if it needs some seconds more before to accept
  4. The scammer's unlucky day

    Well, in this kind of situation I wouldn't call it a scam but an absent-mindedness. A fair player like me would have give you the remanent of signs
  5. The scammer's unlucky day

    Yeah, my fault... It was catalists And yeah, maybe they don't sleep during the night trying to find a way to realize their own plans of victory
  6. The scammer's unlucky day

    A hero called Pudiseness (EU server level 3 druid) contacted me by personal message for to buy one of my item, dropped from a dungeon (double drop but only four people congratulated me in world chat ), with four ethereal catalists (for who doesn't know it is a rare materials for to make for example melee weapons). I'm always mistrustful and during the exchange that hero tried to scam me with four ethereal dusts (the picture is just like the purple essence). I rejected it and from that moment he didn't reply to me . Beware from that kind of scam, guys! I can only advice you, first of all, to put him on your ignore list and pay always your attenction in every exchange you want to do in the future if you want to sleep during the night! That's all from your friend (or your enemy) Liidert! Ps: if you think that this topic is interesting, please put "like" to this post and leave your comment if you want to share something
  7. [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1

    Bad news if it will be true... It would mean an update only for few people
  8. cursed

  9. cursed

    As always... You aren't alone
  10. Sad story: Lost some gold

  11. Battle for territories. General discussion.

    Easy win then
  12. Why walk so much?

  13. Battle for territories. General discussion.

    Go Elves!
  14. Bank

  15. Newbie Here :)

    Good luck then