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  1. Nice update but,unfortunately does not concern me.
  2. They are ***ranged*** classes,it means they can root/stun or whatever from a distance...i would understand those 2 yards for a melee class but for ranged? Nah. Oh and dont make it even more worse for necromancers please,they are a piece of paper even at this very moment. Cheers!
  3. This would mean to change the whole skill mechanics and add talent trees,otherwise i guess its impossible.
  4. Metamorphine

    Arena lvl 10

    Hey everyone,i see many players at lvl 10 doing arenas,so,im curious what are the benefits for lvl 10 arena? Why people do it at that lvl?
  5. Good point. If you found any good MMORPG,pm me on the forum. Cheers and good luck!
  6. Thank you guys,highly apreciated!
  7. Well it has nothing to do with the Warspear universe,but still is a drawing. Basically its a reminder for me that i still have the talent,but not a real motivation since i couldn't make it to the art high school. It was made in 2015. Maybe i will do something that has to do with Warspear too,but i need this "feeling to draw something",which i lost a long ago.
  8. Metamorphine


    Hey guys,now that i was so lucky to win this competition i would like an advice on how to spend them wisely (miracle coins) my goal is to make gold,but im somehow addicted on opening the surprise chests and its kind of low chance on nice drops.
  9. Too bad i work in night shift this week so no time to dungeon,and since im low level i cant either. So i play with my girlfriend when i have time "questing mostly" but its nice anyway.
  10. Its sad to read this
  11. Hello everyone,like the tittle says i would like to suggest mounts to be added to the game,so we can travel a bit faster around. Would be nice
  12. Hey everyone, i was wondering what boss i worth to farm at low level mountain clans or forsaken map? Or every one of them are the same?
  13. Well, the update will remain, while the event will be over after a few days... And then what? Op guilds will have the win in the end, while the others will cry in a corner. "including myself". This should benefit all the players equally as well as the developers.
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