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  1. Hahaha I thing Daria like a mom/sister at warspear forum
  2. Ok Thanks daria , but i not good in english and sometime i Dont know what must i write. Just reading this forum
  3. Daria tell me. I can be free until make 12 recent post
  4. Sorry for latte reply. I'm new member at forum and only can post 3 times 1 day
  5. Thanks We at same guild right? Leache. Thanks, you too Thanks
  6. Are you in war now? Hope god bless you always and keep you safe. Btw, good luck for contest
  7. Hi I'm from indonesia. I play rogue (damnking) and necro (debuya) at us-sapphire servers. Talk to me if meet at game Thanks, god bless you all
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