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  1. About activable bonuses

    Smaller pots sound better than pausing, lets say you do daily quests on irselnort, use the pot, collect all the stuff with another char and then just log to turn in the quests, you'd keep the buff for days even if you did kill mobs quests.
  2. Faking screenshots / chat conversations

    Not hard with a game like ws.
  3. Abyss Guards

    Agree, place them elsewhere or make them appear only from time to time, since the resources aren't of use all that much right now.
  4. Login with steam account?

    Though, if you have steam and can't login with that into the game, there's no way to do it without a pc.
  5. Pls do something with this guy

    Those spammers nowadays can't even insult properly. What a kid.
  6. This Bug though

    Thats a boss drop if I'm not mistaken, and those can drop multiple things.
  7. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    For fun, I don't do them often so doing Kronus or event dgs from to time is exciting.
  8. You can't do them without owning them. Just saying in case you didn't know.
  9. He said "it is only stated that bosses/mini-bosses have level limitation"by which he would mean that eg. 28 cant farm bosses on 1st isle.
  10. I think he meant a limit to when he can and cannot recieve a drop. In that case, yes dgs have a level cap.
  11. Congrats on being on steam :) also I thank you for the generous gift you gave to steam users! Nice way to celebrate this milestone!
  12. Missing icon

    Wow, never had this happen.
  13. saved equipment slots

    Drag n drop inventory that we can sort ourselves, yea!
  14. Server Merging

    Servers have limits, I don't think everyone could move there. Also test server isn't laggy.