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  1. Oh my godness this is some pretty dope news!!!
  2. Ja, gibs ihm richtich
  3. Congrats! I don't even know how I completed it... I'm not earning a lot of gold.
  4. Welcome!
  5. It is a bug because the exp is being shown, for me. Others not.
  6. It's just a discussion.
  7. Of course it's not supposed to be like this, players have been asking for a permanent display of experience points, why on earth would they remove the info exp too? Plus Daria said they are aware of the bug, like Akasha mentoined.
  8. While it seems to work for everybody my gf cant get the exp to be shown in the info channel when a craft job is completed, only the name of the crafted item pops-up. Her client version is up to date. If you need the device (phone) model info, I can provide.
  9. THIS ^^^^^ Lost quite the ammount of mcoins because of these pop-ups.
  10. It's not really a bug. Thing is that you have to accept the quest in town, and then need to port to the aquaducts. If you really want to this for some time you'll prolly get about the same amount of gold like you farmed a mob pt at ayvo.
  11. Agree with mcoin shop ones, and there are only grey ones, not white purple ones are chest/boss drops, but there is 1 kind of cc suit that is purple. Other are grey, so yea. Also the ceremony suit is purple
  12. But this is clearly not the case. What I meant is that after completing the stuff you have to do for the chest to open and the gate to activate, the timer should stop. Just like op wrote.
  13. Agreed, boss defeated = completed dg. As for the teleport out you might have tapped outside the restart window, which closes it and that's considered as leaving the dungeon.
  14. Yeah, but then again we have the Conspirator costume which should be of the same rarity as the other costumes, and still it is purple. :/
  15. Right now I'm seeing it as completely random. There seems to be no system for it, so do you devs just color them how you like it or is there an actual meaning for them? As an example; The ceremonial camisole and the spring prince costumes share the exact same concept, they were given away for completing a quest chain and didn't return after that. But the prince one has a grey name, and the ceremonial suit has a purple (unique) one. There are a lot more examples but I'm lazy to type them. Then there are colors that were never used, blue and red.