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  1. Are you serious? Okay which buildings would need modern tech? You are talking like they built the city in 1 day. Also don't forget that there is MAGIC in the game world. Also yes there is machinery in the game, but nothing in the style of star wars or anything too futuristic.
  2. What he says is that the futuristic design isn't suited for Warspear.
  3. The logo could have been bigger i guess but otherwise it's literally the best pic I've seen in this contest! xD best of luck to you
  4. Awh man, should have used your mouse intead of a keyboard.
  5. Why would they implement something they are trying to avoid? Okay now you're showing bits of lazyness in this. If you want to quest/farm then work and do it yourself, not automated.
  6. Keep complaining and it'll get nerfed, it's a new class after all. As in pvp, I can pretty much see a warden getting his butt handed to it by locks, priests, or any other ranged class.
  7. To be fair, you walk a lot in other rpgs too, but yeah it gets annoying. The "teleport anywhere" thing is a bit harsh, don't you think? Imagine that at war, mcs can defend their last flag only by defending a small entrance, and people could just tele behind them.
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. [Spoilers ahead I guess? Tiny ones :D ] What I mean by that are the quests, Ayvondil is the latest area and has a story that has yet to be continued, it's been a long time since I've done yellow quests, and I do remember some lines and lines of dialogues, but I can't remember everything, lore-wise. Irselnort is clear to me, but Ayvo not so much, I do remember that upon entering Ayvondil you build up reputation at the dark elves, and you find out that there are people who betrayed them, and then you jorney to find the spirit of the main traitor (ok I'm a bit unsure here, was there one, or more of them? Like, involved). You then have to go to Tlascoe (that's what it's called like, right?) and here again, I'm not sure what's happening. Then at Marakosh, I know that there is the evil Elm, and is involved in quests in the underground tunnels, where there is some retired folk. And finally, at Pelion you find the traitor (I think so) but you are about to be sent to the last part of Ayvo, I even remember the last line of the last quest questioning how you'll be going underwater. But I can't remember why you need to go there. Okay that's it, I did notice that some users on the forum have knowlage of the lore in ws, and I hope they will help me out here. I don't really want to make a character to quest trough all of this again.
  10. I think you get crafting resources in previous lvl quests too, they prolly want to encourage crafting or something.
  11. Higgs bruh, good luck @}-
  12. Explain that to Hamstring, who is probably using WoW as a refference.
  13. Ok lemme put it like this; if the world in ws was small would people ask for mounts?
  14. It's not small.
  15. It would be nice indeed, but it has been suggested a lot of times, and the GMs already said that they won't put mounts in the game.