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  1. The over powered classes

    Not only bds here, I never had problems playing any class and the point is that locks are untouchable for the most part. Try to make a melee and beat a good lock. Also bd nerfs were suggested by bds themselves (well, at least I did support that), that bds are/were op is not our fault btw. That bds were op once doesn't necessarily mean there has to be some other op class to kick their butt now. I too would want a balanced game, without people calling out classes and saying omg they were op and now they cant use their brain.
  2. The over powered classes

    It makes total sense, but it needs nerfs. Also the problem is that we can enter arena in any class roster, so one team will have advantage if there is one op class that can be stacked. And yeah, lock dominates :D but i hear they are not that great in pve. Dunno if its true.
  3. The over powered classes

    Stuns are fine, they also have a damage output, however PERMANENT stuns are not fine anymore. You can't do anything at all. That's not a strenght, that's broken. I also throw in a piece of wisdom here; You can't have balance in group fights unless there is balance in 1v1, thats for the devs to read. Not you Mewing, you made some fair points throughout the topic. :P just pointing out
  4. The over powered classes

    You jump from one thing to another, op locks and suddenly ego stuff.
  5. Borean sphere, Chest or not?

    Another reason might be that they are very easily farmable.
  6. The over powered classes

    He always does that. From op classes to vip systems, this thread has it all!
  7. Banishment

    You could also contact the support and ask for an explanation if you still don't understand what's happening.
  8. Common mistakes on arena (wip)

    Nice guide. Especially the "run" part, hilarious that most players expect you to stand on one spot during the whole fight. Maneuvering is important in a lot of games, and ws should be no exception.
  9. Amplificando bug ?

    No matter what the % is, you will still use quite a few signs.
  10. Amplificando bug ?

    You cannot prove the chance changing too btw. I had a friend who had a friend and he smashed that much of signs into his cbow too, no +10.
  11. How about summon skill for necro

    Tbh necros were supposed to have summons instead of charmers. Necromancy is reviving the dead as skeletons/zombies/undead. Names and terms are all over the place in ws.
  12. MCs are highly unwelcomed in elf towns, same goes for elves in mc towns. Most people wouldn't even know you are doing cl unless they see you at the respective boss. And it's also not as difficult as it was before indeed.
  13. Can't log warspear since 5 days

    Did it work before the update?
  14. Game / forum mods that favour other players.

    Could you be more specific? Sharing ACCOUNT details is not legal. Also there are no in-game mods. If somebody is pretending to be one, please report them.
  15. Taste of meat question

    How do you want to recieve a half of a item? 7,5.