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  1. Magic Transformation

    Dunno the exact numbers but it should be something over 1k
  2. US-Sapphire Discord server

    You are expecting a bit too much from the ws community.
  3. Night Crow

    Ty, you too
  4. Eagle King

    Well he even somewhat copied the description I made for the costume. Even if it's valid, I think the devs can see how silly it is.
  5. Eagle King

    Yeah it's amazing. Vincunatastic.
  6. Night Crow

    Good luck to you too! :)
  7. Dragonskey The Dragon Slayer c:

    I am, and I was for you, it was cool. Then you took it forth and looked so ungrateful when you asked devs to make the costume fly and whatever, like the fact that you did it first and whatnot is cool, but then you seemed like you don't have enough and want more. That's what annoyed me. But I don't mind it now and there's no need to argue about it anymore.
  8. Dragonskey The Dragon Slayer c:

    That post of mine is old by now and I don't even mind, it's your thing. I was just annoyed by how you go on about dropping a costume and then calling that guy lifeless.
  9. Night Crow

    Thanks man! Appreciate it, also it takes some practice. If you'd see my first creations... :P :D
  10. Night Crow

    The costume is mainly made of dark feathers, with the exception of the cloak, which is made from a rare Arinarian silk, and is very smooth. The beak is of unknown origin but seems to be purely natural.. "The costume is supposed to replicate creatures appearing in Arinarian folklore, in which mysterious crows would fight and punish evildoers in the veil of night."
  11. What happiness

    Altought I didn't watch the full thing, I didn't see anything bad about it. I enjoyed both avatar and LoK.
  12. Really? It was said that one of reasons for the winner was that it suited the event, which it did very nicely. Well then, thank you for the answer. :)
  13. Is it again necessary for the costume to be spring themed? Last year you didn't say that but it was the case.
  14. What happiness

    Since the trouble has been solved simply don't login onto it.
  15. looking for couple costume

    Wedding dress and Wedding suit. Not sure what would be better for a couple.