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  1. Hi guys, the horror event started and I have been active with some events for which I have received many letters/mails/chest ... I have the doubt, is there a limit as to how much they can have? or is infinite
  2. All I hope is that I don't have to depend on a warden I hate that, because I always have to wait 30 minutes up to 1 hour and sometimes I can't even go to any dg because nobody is available
  3. Hello, today I have a question What happens is that someone wants to rob my friend, wants to be informed and knows if they can help. What happens is that a long time ago, a couple of years ago, my friend passed his account to someone who was helping him and to this day there was no problem. but yesterday he came to threaten that he was going to erase his pj because only having his mail (since the password is no longer the same) could send it to support and give him a new password and steal. Is there any solution for this? I know my friend made a mistake in share his account, but we all make mistakes, right? I hope you can help us, thanks in advance.😐
  4. Quello


    Well... i can't play with my friend? 😢
  5. Quello


    Hi, I have a problem I convinced my friend to play ws and this always appears, it does not let you create any elves, only mcs What can you do about it? seriously that he really wants to play. Something funny is that in my account if he lets me create all the elves i want, but not him: /
  6. Quello

    How to save?

    Hello, I already found a way to save the changes you must give in "saving profile" to save the changes, if you then enter and do not give to save it will simply stay as you have configured the last time you gave "save" Ty guys.
  7. Quello

    How to save?

    good day, I have a doubt, I have been looking for a way to change these slots for a long time, but every time I exchange account and open, they are again without changes the truth bothers me have to be changing every time I enter If there is a way to save the changes, I would like you to let me know how to do it Thanks in advance.
  8. Quello

    Can't enter

    Hi, today after the reset I entered the game normally, I was around 10-15 minutes and I started to leave that I had bad internet signal, then the game was closed and when I reopened it did not let me enter the game. It stays loading and after 10 minutes error comes out. I already tried restarting the phone, reinstalling the game, changing wi-fi, does not let me enter the pc either. I find it very annoying that I'm going to lose the achievement of 100 days in a row for this
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