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  1. I do not think that is correct,a barb can tank very well in sea,nadir or mermen, maybe they are not the best resisting waves like the dk but they are quite strong tanks that can perfectly do their job without difficulty thanks to that debuff of damage from the Roar and 80% damage reduction without saying also that of a healing ability that does not require 2 minutes to use it I don't think that's the way it is, the only thing that changed is that now at least he needs a healer unlike before when being afk they were impossible to kill
  2. With what they do the developers imply that they want the dk to be a kind of paladin focusing more on giving him magic damage abilities and making his abilities do this type of damage honestly if I had known that the dk was going to have such a problem identity I would not have wasted my time improving it and would have made a barbarian or a warden
  3. I decided to abandon the Dk after seeing how little I progressed regardless of the level of my improvements, even once I acquired the Mermen armor I felt like my level was lower than the other class mc (Barb) that without having much defense can tank without difficulty,I have seen a barbarian with 8k defense take a ridiculously low amount of damage from the guardians of t5 or t4 while before acquiring the mermen armor with 11k defense I received from these between 1.5k of the guards of t4 to 2.5k of those of t5 Also, resisting waves of mobs, I also don't consider the dk to be especially strong.
  4. In more than 4 years playing and I manage to see many changes, some good, some bad, but there is something that has not changed after so long and it is the music of the game as much of battle as the one that one listens to being quiet in the town Personally, after listening to it so much, I ended up tired of it and in most cases I prefer to listen to music directly from YouTube or some that I have stored on the phone since in the case of battles this seems very "quiet" considering that you are on a battlefield either in a GvG or in a war Someone would expect a more dynamic music since unlike other games, listening to the sound of skills does not help at all here and in the case of the music that is heard when leaving the towns it ends up being repetitive therefore I sincerely propose a change to the style of music In the case of GvG Music, I propose a more dynamic music that makes anyone who is participating in this excited to fight a genre that I would recommend for this is Rock or Metal since this tends to be a music that can represent well in a battle In the case of the War Music, I would recommend a more serious style of music while not in combat in order to maintain the tense atmosphere that a war should generate but that once in combat a music similar to that of GvG begins Now coming out of the battles, the music used that is heard once outside the towns more than a music should be ambient sounds such as the sound of wind, birds or the sound of some anima The Music of Towns if I agree that it is quieter considering that these places are supposed to be more quiet places used for buying and selling objects or just to relax after leaving a dungeon, mission or while you do arena and in the case of the Dungeons a more dynamic music like the one used in War or GvG not the same genre but something that can keep people motivated while doing those long (and often exhausting) dungeons It seems to me the most suitable option and finally, Arena Music I think a good option for this would be something more similar to what can be seen in movies or series, drum sounds while the screams of the spectators are heard in the background (something that would be interesting is that each once someone dies, the spectators will start screaming louder with emotion giving an example to football matches where the fans support their team and every time the players score a goal they get excited) Those are all the examples that I put to make a change to this that fewer and fewer players pay attention, I understand that putting music directly can be easier but I think that listening to music directly from the game would make the experience more immersive and exciting I know that I miss the music of death but this in my opinion does not need a change since it perfectly represents the situation said this once again I say goodbye for now and I hope you liked this topic so now I ask you, what do you think of the music of the game? Is it good? does it need a change or is it fine like this?
  5. I was curious to see if it really did not cure and I decided to try it and yes, it does not cure maybe I had a memory failure or got confused, I apologize for that, even so I think that reflection is a good option to return that damage that skill absorbs
  6. after a year playing death knight I noticed several things about this class. One of them is the ease it has, unlike the other legion tank, to level up and withstand waves of mobs without much problem. and the other is how fragile it becomes the higher the difficulty of the mission / dungeon or boss that must be faced making it seem that this class is useful only up to a certain part of the game. many might wonder, and why does this happen? the truth is easy to tell. This class, even with its "early game" potential to withstand everything that is put ahead in "late game", its abilities do not help the DK with this task because "Dark Shield" has a very low defense reduction that makes fighting mobs with a high level of attack and penetration a real headache. But his expert skills would have to fix that ... right? the truth is that not as much as it should since the DK does not have a resistance or healing ability that allows him to stay in the game,Yes, I know that it has Blood Protection and Reserves in addition to saturation that are supposed to fill those gaps that this class has, but the truth is that they do not do their job as they should. Let me explain why. Yes, I know that it has Blood Protection and Reserves in addition to saturation that are supposed to fill those gaps that this class has, but the truth is that they do not do their job as they should. Let me explain why. Blood Protection a good ability that should not be denied but with a small problem and that is that both the damage reduction and the time of the ability make many look for other options in my opinion this ability is missing something since 50% of Damage reduction at the maximum level seems very little considering that there is already a class that can also grant this damage reduction with the addition that it removes debuff that the user or ally to which it is applied In my opinion, an extra mechanic should be added to this skill, some of its stats should be increased or it should be given an additional benefit, so with your permission I will give my ideas of what could be added In addition to what has already been added, it would be good if this ability also granted Resistance This is one of the best statistics that a tank could have since it will allow it to move easily or fight against enemies with some type of debuff or some stun Reflection of Damage will you think ... why? It is simple a death knight stands out in battle against many targets (or so it should) but when facing several enemies it can be a real problem and more if they attack from a distance so an ability that allows you to return part of the damage received is not It seems like a bad option right? since this would allow to increase the damage that this class is capable of doing which in turn in case you have life steal it will allow you to heal a little while you try to walk among the mobs Block/Parry it's simple right? With this, the DK will be able to efficiently mitigate the damage it will receive during the duration of the ability since although it seems obvious to block or evade an attack it is much better than receiving half the damage In addition, it would open the way to a new way of arming, making the DK go from wanting to increase this statistic to trying to focus on another HP Regeneration This could be very useful and would make people prefer to use regeneration instead of vamp which together with reserves could give a second chance to live, if you wonder how it could be applied it is simple, once finished the damage reduction effect increases regeneration in X% There are many other ideas that could be good but I do not want to extend this topic any longer than I am already doing. Reserves This ability can become a lifesaver when you have a good amount of life regeneration, something that should be considered is the fact that this ability needs to have a dangerously low level of life to be activated in addition to the fact that the user must be what strong enough not to die in the middle of the healing so I raise the following Damage reduction A good way to allow the DK to heal and not die while trying is with this option to grant it a very good amount of damage reduction which disappears after the first or second heal, I know that it already had a similar characteristic in the past and which was removed due to how strong it was but times have changed and now is when tanks need more than ever the ability to withstand the threats that lie ahead. Resistance It seems that I had some preference for resistance but let me explain the moment in which this ability is activated is when you are very close to death so allowing the DK to use abilities to try to protect or escape from the threat would be a very good option A Shield buff What do I mean by "Shield Buff"? simply to a buff like the one applied by Necros or Shaman a shield based on some DK statistic such as Life, Magic Damage or defense that protects the DK until it falls or until the healing ends Saturation a skill that was recently adjusted but that still requires an improvement since although it does not look like life steal has a fairly obvious weakness which is that if you are not capable of attacking an enemy or you did not do enough damage it would have been a Total loss that could end in the death of the Knight, what could we do? Health Cost Although this is already something that seems more like a joke than a problem, the truth is that the cost of 10% of life can sometimes be much and more now that Tanks can reach 10,000 of life meaning that the user would lose 1,000 of life after using the skill and think, but in the end he will heal more than what he loses? Now I will ask you, do you use saturation being happily in the town or in the middle of a battle? The answer is obvious no? Although in some cases it is true that the ability can heal more than what it loses otherwise in dungeons or against mobs with a lot of damage or mobs at a distance (since these cannot be attacked unless you approach them) unless you have an insane amount of damage you will not be able to heal enough and in which case you will end up losing more life than the that you had planned, it is true that the cost of life is removed when you have 50% life but no tank wants to reach that amount of life and in the event that it does, usually reserves or even your healer could be more useful Damage Buff As I already said, one of the problems that can lead to saturation is that if you do not manage to do enough damage before the bonus ends, you will not be able to heal enough at the end, therefore a help to do damage would be to grant either damage as such or some damage stat either critical or penetration something that would help enormously to heal more damage than those mobs or bosses are capable of doing There are many other ways to improve those skills in addition to several other skills that should also be reviewed but for now I will leave it here since this topic took longer than I had planned and I do not want to bore you more than I possibly already did. thank you if you made it to the end and if you retired in the middle of this even so thanks for reading it, until next time and have a good day.
  7. Hello! First of all I am going to apologize since my language is not English so forgive me for any spelling mistakes I may commit,now yes. I wanted to open this topic due to a proposal that I have and that is: Rework the Raid Bosses What do I mean by this? let me explain Most of us who have been playing for a long time know that some of our beloved raid bosses are not what they were before, going from being imposing bosses to small "farming" bosses, can you imagine who I'm talking about, yes, I'm talking of: Black Elm,Enginner and Kronus. It is not a secret that they have lagged far behind in terms of both difficulty and value since in the case of the first two their books are a complete "meh" and in the case of our old dragon he does not even have one compared to sea bosses whose books provide a really good upgrade. ~So what would be the solution? 1)First readjust the difficulty as I said these bosses no longer provide a real difficulty making even the boss of sea "inker" is even more difficult than these, more especially in; The engineer and kronus, since elm at least is missing some healer, I think that an increase in statistics and some changes in their abilities should be made to make these bosses a challenge again. 2)Rewards I think that rewarding the brave warriors who managed to overcome a threat of great magnitude is important, but ... what to give them? the truth to give a reputation (in the case of the bosses of ayvo) would not be bad at all since although it does not serve much to those who have already reached the maximum to all those who do not wish to do quest, dungeon or the event in their area can help acquire the achievement more easily In the case of kronus, I sincerely believe that his dungeon is enough of a reward, something that would have to be changed is the difficulty level of this in addition to its drops, since these are completely outdated, making this dungeon worthless. 3)Drops Now let's talk about the good costumes and books, I sincerely consider that in the case of the costumes ignoring the engineer, these are quite good, the only one that stands out in a bad way is that of the engineer due to how simple and not very showy it is. Now speaking of books, I consider that a change would not hurt and now I will tell you why; Enginner Books(Physical Defense/Magic Defence) These are the worst books in my opinion for any class because currently in the case of "tank" having a lot of def is no longer useful since the meta is more focused on reducing damage, I understand that these stats also reduce the damage you receive but it is that this same can be mitigated by the "penetration" stat that all existing beings in Warspear have and in the case of the "dmg" or healers arming one of these books will never be an option since these classes tend to go more for offensive stats like critical and penetration. Black Elm(Accuracy/Critical Damage) These in my opinion are much better and more useful but even so a change or some added mechanics would not hurt. Dragon Kronus(Not have) the fact that not having a book in my opinion made this boss the most forgotten of all if we add that to the fact that his dungeon has a very outdated equipment makes this the worst boss raid of all, in my opinion at least some book should be added either when killing him or as a possible reward in his dungeon. in conclusion I consider that a change would give a new life to these great and iconic bosses that deserve to be feared as in the old days. Thanks to everyone who reads this topic and I hope you liked it, I invite you to leave your opinion on what could do to improve these bosses. I say goodbye, until next time.
  8. hola me gustaria preguntar como debo distribuir los puntos del picaro ya que no se que habilidad poner al 5/5 o cual medio subir
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